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Jimmy's 23 Hours of Zolder is back. Racing for a great cause

This is arguably the most important sim race of the year now days, Jimmy Broadbent's 23 Hours of Zolder race for mental health. The stream has started and donations are already pouring in. Get involved and give to a great charity.

Last year Jimmy and his viewers raised an incredible £72,000 for Mind charity. This is just an amazing example of the sim racing community coming together and doing something awesome for the greater good. The aim is to do something similar this year.

This race is like no other, while i'm sure the teams taking part would like to win, the rules are far from serious. Designed to raise as much money as possible. If you were tuned into the stream already you may have heard the head steward on voice over explaining the penalty system. Let me just go through some of the rules:
  • If you pick up a penalty you can either donate to Mind or come into the pits and sing a nursery rhyme...
  • Penalties include being held in the pit-lane until you tell a "dad joke" that makes the steward laugh or sing your countries national anthem...
This is a total laugh and all for a good cause. If you can't afford to give then make sure to drop by the stream, enjoy the entertainment and support those taking part. On top of the the fun racing and and fund raising, there is also a great raffle with awesome prizes up for grabs. Just donate £1 or above on the Just Giving link to be in with a chance of winning:

- 2x Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals + Baseplate
- Fanatec CSL DD & Pedals + McLaren GT3 Wheel
- Various gift cards for raceanywhere.co.uk (2x£100, 4x£50, 4x£25)
- HKS Merch bundle - 3 Praga Merch bundles
- 4 Praga posters from Pop Bang Colour
- Race used Praga R1 Brake disc, signed by every 2021 Praga driver + Romain Grosjean

Jimmy is quite open about mental health and how the role it has had in his life, and I would encourage everyone to talk to someone if you suffer with any kind of mental health issues. I am not afraid to admit that I struggle with my own issues and having someone to talk to when things get tough can make things a lot easier.

Some of you may know that I'm Jimmy's camera man and we have often found ourselves just checking in on each other just to see how each other is doing. Jimmy has been there for me when I really needed someone to talk to during some pretty dark times, and Jimmy mate, thank you for being there. I don't think you really realise how much it helped.

At the time of writing almost £7,000 has been raised. I encourage those that can to donate what ever you feel comfortable donating.

Watch the stream here

Donate here - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/raceformentalhealth2021
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Steve Worrell
A motorsport fanatic and sim racer for over 20 years. Content creator for RD, and MD at Simracing.gp. Favourite sims include ACC, AC, RF2, AMS, WRC9 - VernWozza#7419 @vernwozza


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