Have you ever entered a room full of people you don't know? Doing so can feel very intimidating doesn't it?

Millions of people have joined RaceDepartment over the course of the years and being part of this huge online community can be a bit overwhelming sometimes if you are new to sim racing and are still trying to find your way.

On our forums we have relaunched a special section that used to be one of our most active places of the site in the early days when we started RaceDepartment. In this special introduction space new users can feel comfortable to post for the first time or to just make their formal introduction if they have never done so before.

We are welcoming old veterans but also our newest members to make a little introduction post and tell us where you are from, what are your favorite racing games or sims, what are you looking by joining this community, (got a cat?, got a dog?) or just tell us what you wish to share with all of us and get a nice welcome in return from our most active contributing community members.

How to create your introduction post?
This is pretty simple, just follow the steps below:
  1. If you are not a registered member yet make sure to create an account by registering via this link. After your registration you receive an email from us with a link you need to click to confirm your account.
  2. Already a member? Cool, you are one of us now!
    One of us.gif

  3. Visit the Introduce Yourself Forum and click the "create post" button at the right top of the page
  4. Write your introduction post, give it a nice title and click the "create post" button to publish it.
  5. All done, welcome aboard! Nice to meet you!