Let's face it we've all been there, we've all rage quit at least once. It's a horrible feeling when you put a ton of practice into a race just to be punted at T1. I must admit, the red mist descends on me pretty hard so any help I can get to prevent me from hitting that little ESC button is greatly appreciated.

Thankfully our new friend Ben Harrison is at hand to help us work through some of those anger issues. If you're not familiar with Ben he has a fantastic YouTube channel dedicated to sim racing. One of the areas Ben has focused on for his content is improving as sim racer and this includes tacking issues such as learning how to overtake skilfully, avoiding common mistakes and in his latest video, rage quitting.

Ben makes a great point in this video about why it's not only respectful to your fellow competitors to continue where you still can but also, while your optimal finishing position may have been compromised, there is still fun to be had working your way back through the field.

It's not always easy to regain composure after an incident, penalty or self inflicted trips to the barriers but it makes you appreciate how the pros both in the real world and sim world manage to block out the issue and focus at getting back on track. It's something that I wish I was better at and I will try and take Ben's advice in the future and look for the positives and enjoy the rest of the race.

This is the first in a series of videos we will be doing with Ben. If you liked this content collaboration please help Ben's Channel grow by dropping a like on his video and subscribing for more tips on how to improve as a sim racer.