Have Your Say – What's Your Favourite Piece of Sim Gear Right Now?

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This week’s “Have Your Say’ article focuses on sim hardware; share your current favourite piece of sim racing gear in the comments below.

Sim racing can be an expensive hobby. It’s easy to pour a lot of your hard-earned money into new hardware. Sometimes those investments can be a let-down, while other times the product is all we’d hoped and more. We want to hear your stories from the latter case.

The right piece of gear can significantly enhance your enjoyment of sim racing. That enjoyment can be based on added immersion, more comfort while driving, or even something as simple as replacing a defective unit that was overdue for replacement. A favourite piece of sim gear doesn’t need to be expensive, of course. It could be something that you worked hard to be able to afford, something you inherited or received as a gift, or even something you found used.

Added immersion might be the most obvious reason to name something as your favourite piece of gear. This could be your first wheel, which meant a major step forward from a controller. Or a VR headset, which allows you to step into an alternate world where you’re piloting your favourite racecar. Or maybe a motion setup that allows you to feel every bump, curb, dip and crest.

Comfort is another great reason to love a sim hardware. Being hunched over a desk for endurance racing can be uncomfortable bordering on painful. And perhaps that new wheelstand or cockpit has opened up new possibilities in the world of sim racing for you.

Whatever it is, tell us in the comments below. Let us know which piece of sim hardware you love most, and why you love it.
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Mike Smith
I have been obsessed with sim racing and racing games since the 1980's. My first taste of live auto racing was in 1988, and I couldn't get enough ever since. Lead writer for RaceDepartment, and owner of SimRacing604 and its YouTube channel. Favourite sims include Assetto Corsa Competizione, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, Automobilista 2, DiRT Rally 2 - On Twitter as @simracing604


Whatever piece of gear is currently working with no hiccups... too many things are suffering from deferred maintenance.
My Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Alcantara and T-LCM pedals since its the only sim racing gear I have at the moment. Well that and my PC too I guess. :O_o:
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Ole Marius Myrvold
My trusted Logitech G29 that I got for free from a buddy...
I mean, I don't really have any other sim gear.

Maybe the bodnar-cable for the G27 pedals so I don't have to use the G29 pedals due to me sitting in an office chair with wheels. The G29 pedals needs a bit more force, so I would probably push myself to the other side of the room or something.
I've got a few things in the list. My custom rsr wheel from the guys at VPG SimLabs, my stream deck and the pedal rumble kit from Sim3D. All spot on bits!
Well, only thing that really differs between sims I drive is pedals.

For modern sims as ACC or modern cars in AMS2 (or 90ies formula mods for rF) I use Trustmaster's T3PA with added loadcell from Ricmotech.
For more classic cars, e.g. for the time being GTR2 PnG 60ies cars I use my very durable Logitech G27 pedals.

Rest is
Wheel: Thrustmaster T300RS-GT (ranging between 280° to 1080° rotation dependent on sim/car) - replaced by my G27 wheel of which electromotor broke down few hours within the new year 2021 after 9 years constant service.

Shifter: Thrustmaster T8HA - both the 8-H setup and the sequential physical setup option for sequential cars (especially rally cars/games as DiRT2, CMR2.0, WRC8, but also AC mods mirroring seq. shifter).

Seat: Next Level Racing F-GT Lite flexible seat, shifting between 4-5 favourite positions ranging from gokart butt-on-floor position to upright AC Truck mod position.
The seat, however, feels 2nd to none in GT position or low GT position for classic 60ies cars.

Maybe I should add my big, solid old hight-adjustable office table, suitable for changing ride hight position for my gear, e.g. in gokart position my table is in lowest position

Oh hey between the lines I revealed; no VR. But (tad) curved Gigabyte C32QC, mostly run in 2560x1440p@165Hz.
Second screen 27.5" Asus 275VA for charts or Simhub displays
A Samsung S6 Lite 10.5" tab for additional Simhub displays. And sometimes even adding my 5.7" Samsung Galaxy S10e mobile with Simhub display attached atop or lower top on my T300RS-GT (though very rarely now, driving almost purely classic cars).

Adding a dedicated seat 8 months ago for the first time in my 36year spanding sim career moved my dreams of much more expensive simrigs.

All parts I've listed are at affordable prizes for the common simracer not wanting to sell his/her real car to get a real mod.
E.g. my Next Level flexible seat was below 300 box.
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I am happy with all the elements on my cockpit. However, I would say that some coud be better or improved somehow, whilst others are just perfect. In this group I would include my rim (a Sparco Champion) chosen after owning dozens of other models, my shifter (Quaife Pro-Sim Lite V2 Sequential Shifter) or my seat mover (NjMotion Compact-R).
Next Level Racing GT Track Cockpit.....all your fault Mikey!
runners up Aiologs and HSS shifters and SMZ1 wheel :confused:
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I've had a number of wheels ranging from Fanatec conversions, Ascher, Turn, Precision Sim Racing to SimCore.

However of all these wheels and other sim racing kit, the one that brings the biggest smile to my face is the Reverie Eclipse Carbon Fibre steering wheel. No button box, no shifters, but really comfortable and super light.

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