Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.20 Teased. Coming Next Week.

As usual before every content update in Gran Turismo, Kazunori posted a teaser picture of the cars on Twitter, the week prior the planned released.

We know 1.20 is planned for Thursday (25th of August) thanks to the Dior announcement we already talked about here. In addition to the special edition of the DeTomaso Mangusta and the Dior racing gear, 3 new cars will be added again.


Paul Lannuier from Sussex, NJ, USA — Ayrton Senna (McLaren Honda), CC BY-SA 2.0,

At the bottom, we find what appears to be the McLaren MP4/4, one of the most iconic F1 cars ever, driven in 1988 by legendary enemies Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. The domination of the team through that season was brutal, with 1003 laps out of 1031 total being led by a MP4/4. It will probably be a great match in game to the F1500T-A, a car originally modeled after another machine driven by Senna in 1985, the Lotus 97T, but added under the Gran Turismo branding due to the Lotus licensing loss.


Norbert Aepli, Switzerland, CC BY 4.0,

On the left, the Porsche Cayman GT4 981 is easy to recognize. As the racing variant of the car is already present in the game, this gives it out at being the road going version, being only 40kg heavier and sporting the exact same engine.


Finally, on the right sits an icon from the golden year of the classic american muscle car era: the 1969 Pontiac GTO. Originally based on the Tempest, the GTO package release in 1964 is considered to be the birth of muscle cars. The bonnet vents and rear wing you can spot on the teaser picture seem to hint at it being the top of the line version, dubbed "The Judge".

A new track was originally expected for this update, as one could read "to be announced" regarding the track of one of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Gran Turismo Cup's round, but the details have since been updated with an already existing track in GT7, leaving the community to believe things didn't go to plan with Polyphony Digital realizing the new track wouldn't be ready. Further lobby stability fixes are also expected - will they be as effective as intended will have to be tested upon update deployment by yours truly.
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If one wants something to be angry at PD over, there was this that happened over the weekend;

I don't understand the logic of called a simple planned update a disaster though...
It's just business as usual regarding GT around here.

But when you are driving on the grass in iRacing, using setup hacks in ACC, drifiting everywhere to win in rf2, or having your "realistic" physics completely changed every other week on AMS2, its all fine, and simracing PC master race against "simcade" crap and all that.
The hood tach was a dead giveaway for the '69 Poncho. I know that greenhouse from anywhere having had a 1971 GTO for mt first car.

I wonder if the inaugural year Judge will be a handful at speed? The cant of the stylish rear wing paralleled that of the rear deck line to DIMINISH rear down force!

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