First Look | MOZA Racing DD R9 Wheel Base, Steering Wheels and CM HD Digital Dash

Recently I had the great opportunity to check out the MOZA Racing DD R9 Wheel Base, GS and CS Steering wheels and the cool looking CM HD Digital Dash that can be attached to the wheel base.

Note that these are of course just my first impressions because for one I haven't used it for very long, but mostly I cannot fully utilize it just yet because of the current setup. With hardware upgrades on the way please stay tuned how that unfolds very soon.

This is my first Direct Drive wheel and the main take away from it so far is that the feedback is great and the software that you use to tune the wheelbase is really well done. It allows you to properly control your force feedback and other products you can attach or use from MOZA Racing.

The GS wheel (also known as the formula style wheel) is a really good feeling wheel and the same counts for the CS racing wheel. Though for that particular wheel I have the feedback that the stitching is placed awkwardly because while using it without gloves it isn't the nicest feel because your skin grinds against the stitching.

Either way be sure to check out the video for more info and of course the showcasing of the wheel and software and stay tuned for a more longer in-depth look on this ecosystem on the RaceDepartment YouTube Channel.
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