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Fanatec BMW M4 GT3 Wheel surprising price finally announced.

Fanate. BMW Wheel.jpg

It's been over a year since the BMW M4 GT3 wheel was announced by Fanatec and many have been speculating at what the price would be. Fanatec published the price for the wheel on their twitter earlier today and it was certainly surprising to most of us.

Coming in at €1399.95 it's a lot lower than what most people were expecting. I recall people saying "it won't be less than four grand" so to see it come in under two grand was quite the shock. Yes it's still a lot for a sim racing wheel but lets not forget this particular product has to do more than talk to your computer, it needs to work for 24 hour endurance races in a real GT3 car.

I have already been conversing with people on twitter today about how practical it is or if it's even worth making a product that can do both real-world and sim applications. To that I say yes it was worth it. Sometimes you just have to accept a product might not be targeted at you. My mate will buy this. He’s a millionaire. It’s affordable for him. I'm not a millionaire so I won't be buying it. It doesn't make this any less cool though.

It is also packed with features that most sim racers would find useful and I have also seen it confirmed that this wheel will be compatible with the CSL DD which is pretty cool.
  • Multi-layer (8 layers) full carbon fibre body
  • RGB LED-backlit front buttons (colour-adjustable and dimmable, interchangeable caps)
  • Customisable via FanaLab
  • Two custom-designed, 12-step thumb encoders with Hall sensors
  • Dual-action (push/pull) magnetic shifter paddles
  • Fanatec QR2: all-new quick release allows operation in the 2022 BMW M4 GT3 race car
  • Communicates with 2022 BMW M4 GT3 via CAN bus
  • 310 mm diameter
  • 1400 g (approx)
  • Designed and developed in Bavaria by Fanatec and BMW Motorsport
  • Rubber hand grips molded over carbon fibre structure
  • 14 push buttons (12 front-facing, 2 rear-facing) with 700 g activation force
  • 1” OLED display
  • Three backlit 12-position rotary switches with encoder functionality
  • 4-way D-pad under the BMW logo
  • Two dual-Hall sensor clutch paddles
  • New-generation firmware, upgradeable via integrated USB-C port
  • Compatible with Windows PC
  • Compatible with all PS4 and PS5 systems when connected to a PlayStation-licensed wheel base
I have the utmost respect for any brand that pushes boundaries and innovates where others wouldn't dare. And that is what I think Fanatec have done with this product. We got to try it at the Sim racing expo in September and when got to have a go I was sat their thinking how incredible the sim racing industry has become when we can have kit like this. And by the way, the industry is just getting started.

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What do you think about the product and the respective price? Let us know in the comments.
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Steve Worrell
A motorsport fanatic and sim racer for over 20 years. Content creator for RD, and MD at Simracing.gp. Favourite sims include ACC, AC, RF2, AMS, WRC9 - VernWozza#7419 @vernwozza


hehe, been thinking of refreshing my McLaren GT3 v1 rim, now I won't. Expensive, but not extreme, smart move.

PS: if anyone from Fanatec reads this - is Mercedes license that hard to get? I like BMW, but would love Mercedes' DTM and GT3 rims from Fanatec, pretty please.
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I thought getting into simracing was a good alternative so I can continue racing without the cost...
Fanatec doesn't sell wheels or wheelbase or pedals,...
They are offering a package, an environment.

When they sell a csl dd, they expect
you to purchase pedals and shifter together with a wheel.

Then, when hooked, they expect you will upgrade and or purchase other products
Why have quick release and just one wheel ? (Same approach as people collecting guitars)

This offer is fair, and add a model to the wheel offer.
Nothing compulsery, just business.
From my point of view, thanks fanatec
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I think it will be a great wheel, but Fanatec is doing his Apple routine again. Presenting a product with a unique selling point nobody needs, but YOU WANT IT. Of course I'm talking about the wheel being used in a real life BMW.,,,,, It's the art of marketing where Fanatec is at its best.

Personally I think the price is quite reasonable considering it's been developed together with BMW and it's a grade A rim.
I mean really did anyone not expect a price tag like this, getting bloody ridiculous, maybe manufactures think we're all bloody rich, Fanatec use their brains for something like the CSL DD, then throw it out the park with something like this.
I can remember my first simracing experience with a low cost ffb steering wheel that I got as a gift (and then it lay in the attic for a long time before I started using it) and the fun I had with it. Over the years I have changed the equipment several times, the hardware became higher quality, but the fun did not increase to the same extent. And at 1400€ just for a steering wheel, the fun stops completely for me.
It costs a lot less than what I was expecting. With some effort, I can get one. But I have other planned upgrades to my sim rig and equipment.
The real GT3 wheel has a cable and doesn't use the Fanatec wireless connection so it's not 100% the same

I wonder how compatible it will be with USB?

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They could have gone for the €600-700 podium GT3 that everyone including me wants but they went for this first, probably for marketing reasons. Ill guess well wait another year it will surely come. I have stopped buying stuff after Brexit any because I still have no clue how import duty works and what the actual price is in UK.
(Scratches head still...)

...Is not having this wheel stopping any of you from driving? Are any of you being forced at gunpoint to buy this wheel? :rolleyes:

Y'all remember a time when the ONLY good option was a G25?! Such entitlement...Fanatec has several wheels that are 1/10th the cost of the BMW wheel (Like the great McLaren GT3)...and several at prices in between...I still don't get all the whining.
The real GT3 wheel has a cable and doesn't use the Fanatec wireless connection so it's not 100% the same

I wonder how compatible it will be with USB?

View attachment 519188
It looks like the cable is attached to the quick release and not the wheel rim. Do you have a better pic of where this cable is attached to the wheel? Any Fanatec BMW M4 GT3 wheels can attach to a QR with a wire coming out of it.

Here's a video with Bill Auberlen giving a walk around tour of the M4 GT3. He opens the door around the 2:36 mark...

You were saying?
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Look at your video on 23:45

It has a cable in the real car
Watch 24:50. No cable need to be detached when Augusto hopped out the car;) but I see the cable too you mentioned but it seems the cable dont go directly to the steering wheel.

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