CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021: The story so far and the upcoming races

It's finally time to reach for the crown in virtual TCR racing again. Because in its third year, the CUPRA SimRacing Series is back on the starting line. Virtual races and pure, real adrenaline is once again at the top of the agenda for 2021.

The platform:
RaceRoom Racing Experience

The working machine: The CUPRA Leon Competición, powered by a 2.0 TSI engine with 340 hp. It uses state-of-the-art HP Multi Jet Fusion technology for better aerodynamics at the air intakes. Up to 265 km/h and 410 Nm of torque, with a faster sequential 6-speed transmission and improved weight distribution.

The mission: Challenge the best SimRacers in the world, compete in ten leaderboards and multiplayer rounds, qualify for one of six divisions per race, win your share of a whopping €10,000 in prize money and secure the title in the third season of the CUPRA SimRacing Series.

Which tracks will be raced on?

A total of 10 tracks will be raced on. These include absolute classics such as the virtual versions of the Hockenheim Ring and the time-honored Monza circuit:
  1. Hockenheim - Multiplayer Race on 13.05.
  2. Silverstone - Multiplayer Race on 27.05.
  3. Nürburgring Nordschleife - Multiplayer Race on 17.06.
  4. Motorland Aragon - Multiplayer Race on 15.07.
  5. Spa Francor-Champs - Multiplayer Race on 05.08.
  6. Hungaro Ring - Multiplayer Race on 19.08.
  7. Nürburgring GP - Multiplayer Race on 02.09.
  8. Monza - Multiplayer Race on 10.09.
  9. Bilster Berg - Multiplayer Race on 21.10.
  10. Macau - Multiplayer Race on 11.11.
The CUPRA SimRacing Series will feature two types of races throughout the season. The Sprint Races, which are run twice for 25 minutes, and an "Endurance Race" on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, which is run once for 60 minutes with a mandatory pitstop.

Of course, there are points to be awarded for each race. The higher the ranking, the more points there are. After 10 races, the driver with the most accumulated points in the competition wins.

To get points, the race must be finished. However, penalties can also be called by the supervising stewards. The rules for awarding points can be found in the series rulebook.

What can be won?
There is up to 2,500 euros in prize money for the top ten drivers in the final table of the series.

Prize money scale:
  • 2500 €
  • 2000 €
  • 1500 €
  • 1250 €
  • 875 €
  • 625 €
  • 500 €
  • 375 €
  • 250 €
  • 125 €
Embark on an unforgettable journey in the CUPRA Leon Competición in RaceRoom at the CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021 – do you have what it takes to become a champion? We're keeping our fingers crossed for all participants!

Cupra Sim Racing Series 002.jpg

R1 Hockenheim​

From pole position M. Löhner then went perfectly into the first corner of the ten laps of the first stint. He was closely followed by Ottaviani and Barner. Immediately Löhner managed to pull away from the chasing pack, already after the first lap his lead grew to a full 1.2 seconds. Behind him Ottoviani has to defend his second place hard - in every corner the third placed Martin Barner (M1RA Esports) is preparing to pass - what the Hungarian finally succeeds with a skillful overtaking maneuver. For SimRacing ace Jack Keithley from Williams Esport, only a disappointing tenth place remains at this point.

The duel between Barner and Ottoviani already offers a few nail-biting moments at this stage, but the field behind now has time to catch up with the two contenders. With only about 12 minutes left on the clock for the first race, Moritz Löhner has built up an extremely comfortable lead of almost four seconds. Ottoviani then makes another attempt to overtake Martin Barner and passes him with a somewhat questionable maneuver. Moritz Löhner's teammate Florian Hasse (Dörr Esports) also manages to push past the now somewhat dismayed Martin Barner. For the time being, fourth place remains for the Hungarian. However, Ottoviani has now until the end of the first run his trouble to keep Florian Hasse behind him, who apparently still wants to claim the second place for himself. Finally Petr Pliska (Ballas Esports) managed to pass Barner, who was left with only fifth place in the first run. A visibly satisfied Moritz Löhner secured victory in the first race stint of the CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021 with a lead of more than four seconds.

Podium results first race:
  1. M. Löhner
  2. A. Ottoviani
  3. F. Hasse
Reverse grid in the second run
For the second run the field starts in reverse order of the previous finish. This means in reverse that Moritz Löhner now starts from the last grid position into the second race. A good chance for Jack Keithley of Williams Esport, who now enters the first corner in second position behind Juan Manuel Gomez (Team Fordzilla) and is also able to pass quickly. Italian Gergo Baldi (M1RA Esports) also passes and clings behind the leading Keithley. Can he withstand the pressure of the chasers and gain a lead? Moritz Löhner doesn't seem to find a way to break away from his 13th place at this point - the field of riders in front of him is too close. Gomez's teammate, Gianmarco Fiduci, on the other hand, is not letting anything go and is cashing in on his colleague to secure third place behind Baldi. Can Fiduci carry the first podium for him in this series to the finish?

Pressing final phase
Juan Manuel Gomez is being pushed further and further back, unable to keep up with the pace of his pursuers. At this point, the leader Keithley has only a razor-thin lead of 0:0:298 seconds over Fiduci behind him. And the latter seems to want to close the bag, with only ten minutes left on the clock Fiduci from Team Fordzilla pushes past Keithley and now holds first place. The duel between the Italian and the Englishman from Team Williams Esports is clearly the absolute highlight in the second race: the two drivers give each other nothing, but mostly remain extremely fair and deliberate. By now, five drivers are fighting for the first positions with a gap of less than a second between them. Can Ottoviani still do something from fifth place, maybe even secure a podium finish? But first he would have to pass Benke Banki (Dörr Esports). Meanwhile, Gergo Baldi (M1RA Esports) is putting so much pressure on the leading rider Keithley that even watching him is enough to make you break out in a sweat. In the end, Keithley succeeds in defending his top position despite fierce attacks and wins the second stint of the first round of the CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021.

Podium results second round:
  1. J. Keithley
  2. G. Baldi
  3. G. Banki
You can watch the whole first race of the CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021 here in full length.
Cupra Sim Racing Series 003.jpg

R2 Silverstone​

After the first victories of the CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021 by Moritz Löhner (Stint 1) and Jack Keithley (Stint 2), the race in Silverstone was now on the agenda. In the race report you can read which drivers were able to take home the victory this time and which duels caused sweaty hands among the spectators:

In the qualification phase Kirill Antonov (LADA Sport ROSNEFT) was able to prevail against his direct competitors Martin Barna (M1RA Esports) and Florian Hasse (Dörr Esports). Hasse literally managed to secure third place on the grid in the very last second of qualifying.

Race progress of the first stint
Shortly after the start it became clear that a victory for Kirill Antonov would mean a lot of work here. Martin Barna did not let up and always put the leader under massive pressure. Nevertheless, Antonov was able to successfully fend off the first attacks by his pursuer. Jack Keithley - up to then in P14 - still had no chance of finding a way through the field in front of him in these first moments. Martin Barna is able to break away a bit from Florian Hasse (Dörr Esports) behind Antonov, Hasse in turn has his "bright joy" at this point to keep G. Fiduci (Team Fordzilla) at bay. Then a catastrophe for the brazilian L. Werle (SnowSchatten Esports): A. Ottaviani (Virtualdrivers By TX3), driving behind him, can't brake in time before entering the chicane and pushes the rear of Werle into a spin, which destroys Werle's point aspirations with one blow.

Race Control, of course, immediately looks at the incident but has no complaints. Keithley is desperate to finish 10th at this point in order to secure a good starting position in the next stint - which will be in reverse order of finish until that position is reached. The duel for 10th place with Juan Manuel Gomez (Team Fordzilla) is turning into a real nail-biter for both drivers that simply has to be seen to be believed.

Cupra Sim Racing Series 004.jpg

Antonov spreads his wings
Of course, the leading driver K. Antonov is still busy fending off the attacks of the chasing M. Barna. But in this late phase of the first stint he can only do that with an extremely defensive line and elbows out wide. Style points in any case for Pavel Mukonin (LADA Sport ROSNEFT), who manages the feat of darting through half of the Brooklands chicane on two wheels after taking the curb too hard and really taking off. You don't see that every day. After a small driving mistake Florian Hasse loses third place to Zoltan Csuti (M1RA Esports) and then drops far back to get a favorable starting position for the second stint. In the end, Antonov is able to win the first stint and Martin Barna achieves his first podium finish in the CUPRA SimRacing Series - hats off! The results after 25 minutes:
  1. K. Antonov (LADA Sport ROSNEFT) + fastest race lap
  2. M. Barna (M1RA Esports)
  3. G. Fiduci (Team Fordzilla)
Race progress of the second stint
At the start of the second stint in the second race of the CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021, privateer D. Tóth can claim the pole, followed by A. Ottaviani (Virtualdrivers By TX3) and Michael Rächl (Dörr Esports). Shortly after the start, however, Ottaviani has no trouble passing Tóth, and Rächl also slips past with an ice-cold maneuver to take second place. Florian Hasse (Dörr Esports) is also able to overtake - so the Dörr teammates are now in second and third place behind Ottaviani. At this point Martin Löhner has unfortunately already thrown in the towel, he didn't see himself in a position to play any role in the distribution of the podium places. The first four riders are now fighting - all within one second - and giving everything. In the end, however, Ottaviani is able to stay quite well in front and takes a well-deserved victory to the finish. Second, third and even fourth place are taken by drivers from the Dörr Esports team - a really promising performance! Congratulations to A. Ottaviani for the victory in the second stint. The results:
  1. A. Ottaviani (Virtualdrivers By TX3)
  2. F. Hasse (Dörr Esports)
  3. M. Rächl (Dörr Esports)
You can watch the entire race of the CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021 at Silverstone here. If you want to participate in the CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021, just follow this link.

The upcoming official race of the CUPRA Sim Racing Series 2021 on the infamous Nürburgring Nordschleife will take place on 17.06.21 at 20:10 (CEST)
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