Get out on track with us: Every week on RaceDepartment, we organize a variety of fantastic races on a multitude of sim racing platforms, hosted by a staff member for clean and respectful racing. Check out what is on the menu in the next few days!

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The Racing Club forum is the home of our racing events for premium members. There, you can find an event in one of four sims, using both modern and vintage content - but all with respectful, clean drivers of all skill levels on the grids. Beginners are welcome!

Racing Club Events by Sim​

Assetto Corsa (AC)
Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC)
Automobilista 2 (AMS2)
rFactor2 (rF2)

It is not just one-off events, however: If you appreciate a series of events similar to league races, RD's Racing Club has got you covered as well. Three series are currently running in Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione - check them out and sign up below!

Assetto Corsa Series

2023 RD AC Club EC Series
Formula Agile Series

Whether you are a rookie racer or a seasoned veteran, our casual club races are for everyone and every skill level. We combine fun events with Discord chatter and a warm welcome to all our premium members.


How to Join Our Races​

We currently host races in the four racing simulations mentioned above. To compete in any RaceDepartment Club race, a premium membership is required. To get on the grid with us, you also need to use your real name on all RD servers and Discord, and include it in your forum profile as well. This way, we can easily identify who we are racing in our events.

Before the lights go out or the green flag flies, please make sure you have acquainted yourself with our Racing Club rules. They detail the conduct we expect from all racers to ensure fun, fair and clean racing for everyone on the virtual track.

Feel free to visit the thread, post in it and join the race if any of these races pique your interest! Once you sign up, the event organiser will give you the password to allow you to join the servers. Some races even have the server up and running early to allow you to get used to the car and track before the racing action starts.

We are looking forward to see you on track!