Automobilista 2 | Lots Of Goodies From Delayed Development Roadmap

Reiza Studios know how to share exciting news - and the latest, slightly delayed Development Roadmap for Automobilista 2 certainly delivers once again...
  • USA DLC Pack announced.
  • Improved controller support coming.
  • Real weather and changing seasons to be added soon.
The latest Automobilista 2 development roadmap is now live, and it certainly has a very impressive collection exciting news items packed within the depths of the regular monthly communication - from the promise of new and improved game features, to the addition of not one but three sizeable US themed DLC packs set to be brought to the title over the course of the remainder of 2021.

On the content front, the studio have confirmed a new 3-part US based DLC pack is currently in development, with the opening collection set to include the new Chevrolet Corvette C8.R, the Porsche 911 RSR, BMW M8 and Cadillac DPI-R prototype; with the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Long Beach and Daytona International Speedway - with more to come in Part 2 and 3!!!

Other exciting news for the sim includes promise of the much awaited custom championship mode coming soon, plus some real time weather features and seasonal track graphics, and audio enrichment exercise, improved gamepad support and more!

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Are the three tracks all in the DLC release 1, or is each in a separate release?
My reading of the road map doesn't match with this article.
I really try hard to love this game, but it still is not comparable to ACC for me. Something just feels quite off with the GT3 cars compared to ACC, can't describe it in words. Under braking the cars heavily differ in AMS2 compared to ACC which is really strange, like there is no ABS even if it is on.
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I hope the GTE's will be better than the GT3's which I don't have a good feeling with, long beach is far from my favourites I prefer an road atlanta/america, I would like to see 70's/80's GT's as good as the 70's F1's Reiza is excellent in vintage content!
Fighting Reiza!!
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Really wanted!
I often envisage and hope for a game that has the focus on classics. I think I will be waiting a long time. Tracks like the original Charade (8km+ Clermont-Ferrand), Targa Florio, Sudschleife, Rouen etc etc. Classic cars too, though using modern ones too on such tracks is great. I know some of these tracks exist as mods or in some games and the creators have done a fine job. But, modern tracks, especially the street ones like Long Beach, no thanks in general.
I hope Road Atlanta, Sebring and Mosport will be included in future DLCs. I'm pretty sure Road America will be. As for the cars, it would be nice to have historic Indycars, like the historic F1s already in the game.

Anyway, I've become a huge fan of AMS2 over the last couple of months. I was underwhelmed at the time of the 1.0 release, but the updates have changed my mind.

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