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6 Things to Do if You’re NOT at the Sim Racing Expo

Most sim racers won’t be able to make it out to the Sim Racing Expo at the Nurburgring this weekend, so here are some things to do instead.

The jealousy is real for many of us in the sim community that won’t be able to make it to the biggest in-person annual meetup in sim racing. But the advantage non-attendees have is that we can hop in our home rigs and enjoy some sim racing. Here are six things to enjoy in sim racing this weekend in ways you might not have tried yet.

1) Try the New RaceRoom Content
The new Mercedes AMG GT4 2020 for RaceRoom Racing Experience has been getting rave reviews from across the sim racing community. It ranks among the best GT cars in R3E, and we’ve also got a new track to try it out on. Nogaro Circuit Paul Armagnac was added the sim Thursday, and this rare circuit is a great place to rip the Merc GT4 around.

2) Try Portimao for F1 2021
Codemasters adding new content to an F1 title is a big deal, especially something as cool as the Portimao circuit. This hilly Portuguese track was a late add to the real-world 2020 Formula One calendar and made for exciting racing. It makes for a brilliant hotlapping track in F1 2021.

Not At Sim Racing Expo 02.jpg

3) Drive iRacing’s New Porsche 992 Cup Car
Almost every major sim has a Porsche Cup car, but iRacing’s Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992) car is a different animal. The new version featured here has 25 more horsepower and improved handling, which amounts to somewhere around a 1% performance increase versus the outgoing model. Most importantly, it’s easier to handle for those who found the 911 Cup car too tough to handle.

4) Try Out the Tillotson T4 Kart in rFactor 2
Sim racing gives most of us the chance to drive cars and tracks we’d never get a chance to be near in real life. But occasionally something comes along that’s a lot of fun while being very attainable. In this case it’s the Tillotson T4 series kart for rFactor 2. The horsepower figure is in the teens, but that doesn't mean the kart is slow or boring. Rather, the twitchy and lightweight little kart is a handful and demands attention and bravery in chasing down better laptimes. It’s great fun for fans of kart racing.

5) Join Us for a Race on Simracing.gp
There are many active communities on Simracing.gp from some of your favourite sim racing personalities and manufacturers. SGP is free to join, and you can browse through the various communities to find a race at a time that works for you. Races are offered in Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione and RaceRoom Racing Experience.

6) Drive Monza 2020 in Automobilista 2 (Maybe...)
Reiza Studios has been teasing us with some impressive shots from their forthcoming addition to Automobilista 2. Monza is hardly a rarity in sim racing, but AMS2 will be sporting the 2020 looks of the circuit including the massive Ferrari F1 artwork around Curva Alboreto (Parabolica). A release date hasn’t been confirmed for this track, but it could be as early as this weekend.

Not At Sim Racing Expo 03.jpg

Let us know in the comments below what you will be racing this weekend, and we can send some of that FOMO (Feeling Of Missing Out) back to our friends at the Expo.
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Mike Smith
I have been obsessed with sim racing and racing games since the 1980's. My first taste of live auto racing was in 1988, and I couldn't get enough ever since. Lead writer for RaceDepartment, and owner of SimRacing604 and its YouTube channel. Favourite sims include Assetto Corsa Competizione, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, Automobilista 2, DiRT Rally 2 - On Twitter as @simracing604


I’m going to be doing a Virtual Goodwood Revival! I love everything to do with historic motorsport so this will keep me busy tonight!

The new Nogaro circuit for RaceRoom is brilliant and is great fun to drive. I love all the little details around the track too.
I started a race today in AC at 1966 Monza in the mighty 'Moby Dick'. I was immediately surprised at the sudden bump in clarity. It's the new V33 update on the Quest2. The visual improvements on airlink are greatly improved! AC looks much clearer. Highly recommend, if you haven't tried it.
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I personally think the live coverage has missed the mark, I, and I say again this is my personal feeling, there is just to much chatting on the shows stage… and I add a caveat that I could have missed something amongst the breaks/ pit stop intervals…

I would like it to have a ‘walk around’ section where we see what is on offer on the exhibitor stands (a bit like the old motor show coverage we used to get in the uk)

it may be just down to COVID protocols that the presenters cannot move around the show, or that the organisers want you to visit and so are keeping their powder dry…

Best bit of the show coverage so far was the TCR launch with simgp, and the presentation race afterwards!
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I’m going to be doing a Virtual Goodwood Revival! I
None of Mike’s suggestion are even remotely attractive to me but your idea is very appealing to me. So many classic cars in my AC garage, choosing one, even if only to start with, is not going to be easy.
None of Mike’s suggestion are even remotely attractive to me but your idea is very appealing to me. So many classic cars in my AC garage, choosing one, even if only to start with, is not going to be easy.
Oh I had a go on the new track in raceroom, it was fun, but no way was I buying the Merc GT4 - I wouldn't be seen dead driving something that fugly.
I chose to play Forza Motorsport 7. After years playing all of the Forza games and swearing that tuning was magic, or dark sorcery. I finally got a method for tuning the anti-roll bars. Hey... Baby steps.

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Had a good, long practice session with the lads for our race wednesday (on Simracing.gp), including refreshments and healthy banter. Everybody improved laptimes and had a great evening. :thumbsup:
On Saturday evening I joined FSGP Monzanapolis, a race with the MAD Formula Student Evo on the GPK Monza Classic (the one with the banked turns). It was my first online simrace ever (after 1000 LAN races at home in more then 10 years). My goal was not finishing last. I finished 8, so now I am the happiest man on earth at this moment. I really loved the Formula Student race. We had a lot of fun and there were a lot of fights. I wasn't that fast at all, but I drove consistently and controlled to avoid collisions. I can recommend everyone to join Formula Student as well, if you are very fast with sim racing but also if you don't have that much experience yet.
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Thanks Mike for the heads up, had been super busy I didn't know the updated track came to F1! Oh yeah that KartKraft video you did especially the downhill right turn whoaaa, that made me buy the game!

You were right even that particular track is well worth the 20$!
Yep the new F1 2021 track is awesome
Feels good they were able to work on extra content and get it for free"
Don't get me wrong, I'm pumped they finally got it in the game, and I've enjoyed driving it, but your narrative is dead wrong.

Codemasters is not a complete game that is adding "extra" "free" content. For years we got all of the tracks that were on the F1 schedule each season. Codemasters had a pass LAST year when covid screwed up the schedule. THIS year however, this track along with the others should have been ready on time with the release of the game, or the game shouldn't have been released. Having been lucky enough to afford both last year's and this year's games, I would say '21 has LESS to offer than last year's game and it's a joke that this circuit as well as Istanbul (they have at least source files from their previous games that had it) and Imola were not ready for release. When a game like iRacing can release more content over the course of a year, fully laser scanned, much better quality might I add, than a heavily funded game like Codemasters (and don't even get me started about VR or anything else).... It's an absolute joke.
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