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2022 Sim Racing Calendar In Support of Charity

Just before the new year we posted about the opportunity to appear in the Grid Finder 2022 sim racing Calendar. Chris Haye and Boonatix were judging the entries and and the results are incredible. You can now pick up your copy of the calendar and what's best all profits go to the charity CALM.

The quality of the final images that made it into the calendar this year are absolutely stellar and I don't envy the job job Stefan and Chris had to whittle the entries down to just 12 final images. But alas they managed to do so and the results are stunning, great job to everyone involved.

If you would like to pick up a copy fo the calendar you can do so here:


The best bit really is that this is in support of a charity called CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably. While I am not that familiar with the charity itself, the cause it's fighting for is something that is very important to me and I whole heartedly support their campaign.

About CALM

Standing together, united against suicide

We’re the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and we’re taking a stand against suicide. That means standing against feeling ****, standing up to stereotypes, and standing together to show life is always worth living.

125 lives are lost every week to suicide. And 75% of all UK suicides are male. We exist to change this.

We do it by provoking conversation, running life-saving services, and bringing people together so they reject living miserably, get help when they need it and don’t die by suicide.

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Steve Worrell
A motorsport fanatic and sim racer for over 20 years. Content creator for RD, and MD at Simracing.gp. Favourite sims include ACC, AC, RF2, AMS, WRC9 - VernWozza#7419 @vernwozza


If there can be a positive of the past 2 years is bringing mental health to be recognized as something we all have to be aware of. If not personally, someone we know.
Please stay mindful, kind and ask someone how they are doing? It may just save someone's life.
Great cause to help out, I've just ordered one. I lost a very close friend to suicide some years ago.
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