2022 Formula One French Grand Prix

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Formula 1 is on track this weekend for the French Grand Prix with Ferrari looking to repeat the impressive pace shown in Austria last time out.

Circuit Paul Ricard may not be the most well-loved track on the F1 calendar, but it could prove to be an important showcase of whether Ferrari is finally able to keep pace with Red Bull again.

The first races of the 2022 season seemed to indicate that Ferrari would be the dominant car this year, but momentum quickly shifted to Max Verstappen and Red Bull. But the tide may have turned once again, as Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz’s Ferraris looked like the faster team two weeks ago in Austria.

Sainz would retire late in the race due to engine trouble, and Leclerc also faced mechanical issues before securing the victory in Spielberg, so success in Ferrari’s near future may come down to reliability as much as pace.

Austria also saw Mercedes drive Lewis Hamilton on the podium for the third consecutive race amidst a tough season for the seven-time world champion. Mercedes is once again expected to introduce significant upgrades to their cars over the coming weeks and hopes to put Hamilton or George Russell to the top of the podium for the first time in 2022.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull are in front in the drivers and constructors championship at the moment, though Leclerc was able to shrink the gap to Verstappen with his most recent win.

The French Grand Prix should see clear weather throughout the weekend, though temperatures could be hotter than usual. This could mean extra challenges for tire selection and preservation during the race.

Who do you think will win the French Grand Prix this year? Let us know your prediction in the comments below.

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This is my least favourite track of the the F1 tracks… I know it gives good racing but it’s so bland with so much tarmac run off… blue stripey bands or not :)

And to answer the question, I am hoping Charles wins…
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Whenever there's a poll for "who will win this weekend?" I always choose Max by default. That's not necessarily who I want to win, but it's who I think will win. Until Ferrari consistently improves their reliability, my money will always be on Max.
My worry is that reliability will cost Ferrari the championship having 6 DNFs in 11 races. You can't finish first if you first don't finish. And it's not just Ferrari works team because Alfa Romeo and Haas have combined for another 10 DNFs.

Deep down I'm a fan of good racing, and I like seeing all the teams do well. Sure I have favorites, but I want to see a championship won on the track instead of because someone else fails.
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Isn't there a cost cap in place? Mercedes has brought updates to almost every single race weekend.
Either they are more efficient with their spending, or they are loading up upgrades early and we wont see much happen to the car on the back half of the season. I could see them having done the latter given how far off they were from Ferrari and Red Bull early on.
I read full articles but it's still not clear to me.

It says that numerous F1 fans have received a lifetime ban from any F1-related event again.

And then they mention what drivers like Hamilton and Vettel kicking out "abusive" fans.

And then they give examples about how Austrian audience boo'ed Hamilton.

And then they talk about how social media should be better policed...etc

Has there been special, concrete events like fights or so among spectators?

(PS: or is it about Hamilton? if it is, then forget my question, I am not making myself prone to abuse here again by talking about anything that has to do with him, but if there are major events, we can learn and talk about it).
I agree with ppl about the blandness of the track, though it has some very 'technical' corners, so yeh, maybe boring to watch, but rewarding, and a great drive, imo:)

Hope the fastest guy wins btw;) ....and the Macca upgrades work well!
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…a team close the gap to the top 2 teams.
What team are you thinking of?

Mercedes… or an other team?

I would say Mercedes are getting closer every race… to Redbull and Ferrari…

This race maybe we will see the 6 cars chasing the win… hopefully… we shall find out how competitive the mercs really are in quali
Isn't there a cost cap in place? Mercedes has brought updates to almost every single race weekend.
Given Mercedes' performance to date It doesn't really look like they spent much on the car in the first place, so I guess the upgrades are well within budget.
I think we are starting to see Sir Lewis begin to separate himself from Russel. When the car was bad, it must have felt normal to Russel after driving the Williams for 3 years. Lewis probably hasn't had such a bad handling car since his Karting days. Now that the Merc is at least civilized, Hamilton is showing better than his teammate.
Mercedes looks better and the car is finally feeling right for Hamilton. I hope that Spa will be a turning point for them.
I just tried Paul Ricard in Raceroom for the first time. Unpopular as it is, it's real fun to drive, good variety of corners. I have to say I struggled to put in a valid lap within track limits
I just tried Paul Ricard in Raceroom for the first time. Unpopular as it is, it's real fun to drive, good variety of corners. I have to say I struggled to put in a valid lap within track limits
takes time to learn due to the lack of any real trackside enviroment. Hard to judge when all you see are stripes....

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