After an absence of more than a year Formula 1 is returning to it's old normal again. This and next weekend sees fans returning to the grandstands in large(r) volumes during the two Grands Prix' in the Alps.

The Steiermark Grand Prix and the Austrian Grand Prix next week are both held at the Red Bull Racing making it a double race weekend with a slight advantage for the Red Bull Racing team, who will be racing on home soil backed by the Orange Army of Max Verstappen fans before heading over to Silverstone where a 140,000+ crowd will cheer for the reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton.

After the entertaining French Grand Prix the debate in the paddock and beyond has been non-stop about the new pitstop rules, flexible wings, Pirelli tyres and the ongoing battle between the two championship contenders. But now it's time to hit the track again and hear from you, the fans.

What will this race weekend bring us? Let us know in the comments below when you discuss the free practice, qualification and the race.
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Red Bull Racing is registered as an Austrian team because of the Red Bull brand. Hence the Austrian national anthem after the race.
Ah, I've wondered about that because Wikipedia says they're British and the HQ is in Milton Keynes.
I'll take a successful Austrian racing team any time :) Go us!
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A race at a proper track is ON.
Even Norris - who's proving to be as good as, maybe even better than verstap and hamiltone in a slower car could get a win at this brilliant track for F1 cars.
Red Bull Racing is registered as an Austrian team because of the Red Bull brand. Hence the Austrian national anthem after the race.

Red Bull is Austrian becuse of sponsor but most employees are English. And you have a Dutchman and a Mexican driving it. And a Japanise Honda power plant. There are many people in F1 from all over the world. It is amazing how they all get along. Maybe world goverments should look at this and think twice about going to war with our brothers and sisters in forign lands.
The Mercedes HQ is also based in the UK. Not in Germany. ;)
Yeah I read up on that, they were former British outfits, and the HQs stayed where they were, but the license changed to Austrian and German with the new owners:

Stewart GP -> Jaguar -> Red Bull Racing
Brawn GP -> Mercedes AMG F1

Before this season I didn't really care for F1 since ~2005, so I am completely out of the loop and my quick Google search when it seemed odd to me didn't shine enough light on the matter :)
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