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2021 Formula One Portuguese Grand Prix

Who will win the Portuguese Grand Prix?

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Welcome to the 2021 Formula One Portuguese Grand Prix. Let's get talking about this weekend's race, and don't forget to back your favourite in our poll!

With various flyaway events unable to take place at the beginning of this year, the F1 calendar would have been looking relatively bare. After last year's successful visit to the Algarve International Circuit, we therefore return to Portimao for the third race on this year's calendar and F1's 27th in Portugal.

The track is given great character by its undulating nature, with many commenting on F1's first visit here that it was reminiscent of a rollercoaster. Ample track width also means that the circuit features plenty of overtaking opportunities. So many in fact, that the DRS zone on the main straight has been shortened to make it a little more challenging into turn one. An additional, short DRS zone has been added to the back straight however, which should make it easier for cars to keep up with one another during the middle of the lap.

A cool and dry weekend is expected, so we are unlikely to enjoy a repeat of the wet conditions the race started in last year. Also different to last season's event will be the track limits. Last year the white lines were used as the cut off point, but this time the drivers will be allowed to use the kerbs as the limit. It will be interesting to see whetherthis allows the drivers to match last year's lap times, in spite of the new regulations reducing rear downforce.

With Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton having finished first and second between them at both races this year, it's hard to look beyond one of them for the win on Sunday. With that being said, Sergio Perez impressed at Imola with a front row start, and will no doubt be looking to build on that momentum. Let us know what you're hoping for this weekend, and don't forget to vote for your favourite to win in the poll!
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So...who do we have to insult to get a Spanish Grand Prix thread started? :roflmao:
(just saying, FP1-3 and Qualifying have all ended :unsure:)
So...who do we have to insult to get a Spanish Grand Prix thread started? :roflmao:
(just saying, FP1-3 and Qualifying have all ended :unsure:)
The lights are on, but apparently no one is home... six new stories posted on the front page on Wednesday, and nothing since.

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