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After two years, the Monaco Grand Prix is back! Let's get talking about F1's first race at a street circuit since Singapore in 2019.

It has felt like an age since the drivers have been tested around a street circuit, and while it has not always produced the most exciting races, there is plenty to look forward to about this weekend's visit to the Côte d'Azur.

In unique Monaco fashion, practice got underway today rather than on a Friday, a tradition that has been maintained since the original Grand Prix was held on a bank holiday weekend. With the new shorter practice format and narrow track aplenty, there was lots to keep the drivers on their toes as this year's rookies familiarised themselves with the walls. We certainly won't be debating track limit rules this weekend!

Cool and dry weather is expected throughout the event, which seems to have favoured the Mercedes car in recent history. That being said, Monaco tends to see the order mixed up a little due to the unusual nature of the tight and twisty circuit. A few parts of the track have been resurfaced this year, with some of the drivers noting the higher grip levels. While Sergio Perez topped the morning session, Charles Leclerc led a very strong Ferrari one-two in the afternoon, with championship leader Hamilton almost half a second off the pace.

With the Briton being the last to take pole at Monaco, and Mercedes showing impressive low-speed performance this year, he probably remains the favourite, with Max Verstappen a strong contender as ever. However, Ferrari's impressive pace caught the grid's attention, and while it was some time ago, they did take a comfortable win at F1's last street circuit event.

Let's get talking about what we're looking forward to this weekend, and cast your vote to let us know if you think Ferrari will be on the podium. Their speed today has certainly given us something else to look forward to come Saturday and qualifying.

Qualification Results​

1Charles LECLERCFerrari1:10.346
2Max VERSTAPPENRed Bull1:10.576
3Valtteri BOTTASMercedes1:10.601
4Carlos SAINZFerrari1:10.611
5Lando NORRISMcLaren1:10.620
6Pierre GASLYAlpha Tauri1:10.900
7Lewis HAMILTONMercedes1:11.095
8Sebastian VETTELAston Martin1:11.419
9Sergio PÉREZRed Bull1:11.573
10Antonio GIOVINAZZIAlfa Romeo1:11.779
11Esteban OCONAlpine1:11.486
12Daniel RICCIARDOMcLaren1:11.598
13Lance STROLLAston Martin1:11.600
14Kimi RÄIKKÖNENAlfa Romeo1:11.642
15George RUSSELLWilliams1:11.830
16Yuki TSUNODAAlpha Tauri1:12.096
17Fernando ALONSOAlpine1:12.205
18Nicholas LATIFIWilliams1:12.366
19Nikita MAZEPINHaas1:12.958

The drama kicked off before the lights even went out at the Monaco Grand Prix, as pole sitter, Charles Leclerc limped back to the pits on an installation lap. Unable to resolve the issue in time for the race start, the Monegasque driver was unable to make the start line, to begin his home race from pole. Nonetheless, in a classy move he made his way to the grid to stand for his national anthem with the rest of his peers.

Max Verstappen defended his lead into turn one from Valtteri Bottas, despite starting from the dirty side of the track and on the outside into Sainte Devote. Typical of races at Monaco, there was little action to follow until the pit window. When we got there however, there was plenty of drama as a reward.

Valtteri Bottas was forced to retire in an incredibly unusual way, when the front-right wheel gun machined the nut onto his front axle, leaving the team unable to change the remaining tyre. This created an opportunity for Lando Norris to move up into the podium places, after a strong weekend.

Other drivers who made strong gains in the race were Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel, who managed to jump Gasly and Hamilton in the pit window with an overcut. Gasly was unable to match Perez and Vettel for pace after his first pitstop, with Hamilton stuck behind the Frenchman, after being unable to jump him on his two lap undercut strategy.

There was little further action beyond some black and white flags for Norris and Tsunoda due to some track limit violations, which saw Max Verstappen cross the line to take his first ever win at Monaco. He was followed by Carlos Sainz, who took his first podium with Ferrari, and Lando Norris after yet another very impressive weekend.

Race Results​

2Carlos SAINZFerrari8.968
3Lando NORRISMcLaren19.427
4Sergio PÉREZRed Bull20.49
5Sebastian VETTELAston Martin52.591
6Pierre GASLYAlpha Tauri53.896
7Lewis HAMILTON*Mercedes68.231
8Lance STROLLAston Martin+ 1 Lap
9Esteban OCONAlpine+ 1 Lap
10Antonio GIOVINAZZIAlfa Romeo+ 1 Lap
11Kimi RÄIKKÖNENAlfa Romeo+ 1 Lap
12Daniel RICCIARDOMcLaren+ 1 Lap
13Fernando ALONSOAlpine+ 1 Lap
14George RUSSELLWilliams+ 1 Lap
15Nicholas LATIFIWilliams+ 1 Lap
16Yuki TSUNODAAlpha Tauri+ 1 Lap
17Nikita MAZEPINHaas+ 3 Laps
18Mick SCHUMACHERHaas+ 3 Laps
19Valtteri BOTTASMercedesDNF
20Charles LECLERCFerrariDNS
* Fastest Lap +1 point

With Verstappen's first win at Monaco, also came the championship lead, after Lewis Hamilton struggled to get his tyres working like his teammate in qualifying, and was then unable to claw back the deficit in the race. He did however manage to steal a bonus point for taking fastest lap away from Yuki Tsunoda, with a late pitstop.

Having taken the championship lead for the first time in his career, Verstappen is now the only driver on the grid to have finished in the top two at every race so far in 2021. Such consistency is usually key to putting together a strong championship challenge. No doubt though that his seven-time world champion rival, Lewis Hamilton will be looking to bounce back in Baku.

Drivers Standings​

1Max VERSTAPPENRed Bull Racing105
2Lewis HAMILTONMercedes AMG Motorsport101
3Lando NORRISMcLaren Racing56
4Valtteri BOTTASMercedes AMG Motorsport47
5Sergio PÉREZRed Bull Racing44
6Charles LECLERCScuderia Ferrari40
7Carlos SAINZScuderia Ferrari38
8Daniel RICCIARDOMcLaren Racing24
9Pierre GASLYScuderia Alpha Tauri16
10Esteban OCONAlpine F112
11Sebastian VETTELAston Martin F1 Team10
12Lance STROLLAston Martin F1 Team9
13Fernando ALONSOAlpine F15
14Yuki TSUNODAScuderia Alpha Tauri2
15Antonio GIOVINAZZIAlfa Romeo Racing1
16Kimi RÄIKKÖNENAlfa Romeo Racing0
17George RUSSELLWilliams Racing0
18Nicholas LATIFIWilliams Racing0
20Nikita MAZEPINHaas F10

After Valtteri Bottas' pitstop misfortune, and a tough weekend for their world champion, the Monaco Grand Prix saw Mercedes lose top spot in the constructors standings to Red Bull. However, with 18 races to go it is still very early days, and nobody doubts the speed nor resilience of the team at Brackley.

Team Standings​

1Red Bull149
5Aston Martin19
6Alpha Tauri18
8Alfa Romeo1

We hope you enjoyed the Monaco Grand Prix, as F1 looks ahead to its next chapter in Azerbaijan, in two weeks' time.
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Double podium to get the top 3 teams excitement back in the Championship. hope or reality? And then it's quali time and Mercedes takes the lead again ;) Top team that's for sure but seeing Ferrari and/or McLaren back at the top is very welcome.

We'll see this weekend!
Definitely think Ferrari are in the mix this weekend. Sainz's pace on scrubbed hard compound raised a few eyebrows. Very excited for Saturday, particularly with how strong Leclerc can be in qualifying when he puts the lap together.
My F1 2020 race as verstappen had me starting 2nd behind sainz with leclrec starting fifth. This was a Grand Prix race with no qualifying 105 AI no assists at DUSK. On the Podium: Max V. Carlos Sainz....CHARLES. This was before p2 this afternoon so there was no funny business. I hope these results are an indication of what’s to come Saturday and Sunday
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I love how it is being treated as if Ferrari put their cars on Pole during quali rather than FP2. Don't forget, even Spyker back in the days managed to win FP sessions of Fridays (Thursday in this case).

Im not the speculative kind of F1 fan, so we will see on Saturday what their actual pace is. I simply don't expect RBR and Merc to sit still during their day off. And Merc has been sandbagging before.
Ferrari are still in mediocre shape as a team and don't deserve to win this.
Great to see this race back, always has to be part of F1 or that's the end.
Leclerc felt they were quite fast in sector 3 at barcelona and generally in slower corners this year. My gut feeling is max will battle for a podium here and hamilton will find a way to drag a win out of the mercedes. Leclerc, Ocon or norris to pull something out of the bag i hope. Anyone can end up in a barrier too!
that's a joke don't worry....!! for Sainz and Lecrerc it would be nice. Perhaps the most talented driver duo in 2021, Redbull, I think it was a bit disappointing, had expected more of it, still a long way to a title. Merc I still give the best chance and the best package on the different tracks so far.. But we only know on Saturday
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Ferrari are still in mediocre shape as a team and don't deserve to win this.
Great to see this race back, always has to be part of F1 or that's the end.
You reckon? They were the most improved team over the winter, and are finally backing two young and especially talented drivers - not sure if that's happened in my lifetime. I think they have the strongest driver lineup and they seem to have made a step ahead of McLaren since Bahrain too.
Of teams that haven't won a race this year I think they deserve it most.

With you on the second point. While one race isn't bigger than the sport, it'd be a travesty to permanently lose somewhere with history like Monaco or Monza
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I just wayched FP1 and FP2--thank you for the preview which has me excited for quali and the race.

I enjoyed the poll question (and the answers!) Leclerc could certainly manage to get on the lowest step of the podium.

Mega props to whoever picked the photo of the resplendent McLaren Gulf!
My F1 2020 race as verstappen had me starting 2nd behind sainz with leclrec starting fifth. This was a Grand Prix race with no qualifying 105 AI no assists at DUSK. On the Podium: Max V. Carlos Sainz....CHARLES. This was before p2 this afternoon so there was no funny business. I hope these results are an indication of what’s to come Saturday and Sunday View attachment 476093 View attachment 476094
You renamed Grosjean and Mick :roflmao: How ?
Alex Harkett
If Ferrari do get ahead in quali then they’ll no doubt bodge strategy somehow and Merc will get their standard victory. Can’t let us Ferrari fans have too much happiness now can they.

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