For the second week in a row, Formula 1 is taking to the Red Bull Ring circuit in Spielberg, Austria.

Last week we saw championship leader Max Verstappen handily outpacing all others on track, including defending driver’s champion Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes. Verstappen has managed to place first or second in all but one race this year, and currently holds an 18 point lead over Hamilton in the driver’s standings.

Mercedes did manage to claim the other podium spots behind Verstappen at the Styrian Grand Prix a week ago, but they haven’t yet been able to return to the top step after winning three of the first four races this season.

By virtue of being behind Red Bull in the constructor’s championship, Mercedes were afforded more development time this week than their Red Bull rivals, and they will look to bring updates to their W12 car this weekend. So, we’re left wondering if Mercedes be able to once again match pace with Red Bull, or will Max Verstappen continue to dominate this season?

Behind the front runners, the impressive season Lando Norris is having looks to continue. Lando is currently ahead of Mercedes driver Valterri Bottas, which has surprised many people given the apparent gap in performance between Mercedes and McLaren. His teammate and 7x race winner Daniel Ricciardo will hopefully be able to find his comfort zone at the Red Bull Ring after finishing an underwhelming 13th one week ago.

The strong pairing of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz at Ferrari haven’t had the kind of season Ferrari fans had hoped, but the team finds itself just 12 points behind McLaren for third in the constructors' championship. The Ferraris finished 6th and 7th last weekend at the same track, so they’ll look to continue that strong showing and possibly even pass McLaren on the championship standings on Sunday.

Alpha Tauri and Aston Martin had less than spectacular results over the past two races, but the teams are only two points apart in the standings, so look for some exciting mid field battles this weekend.

Let us know in the poll who you think will take victory at this year’s Austrian Grand Prix, and leave a comment on who could surprise us with their performance.

Free Practice 1 Results

1Max VERSTAPPENRed Bull1:05.143
2Charles LECLERCFerrari1:05.409
3Carlos SAINZFerrari1:05.431
4Valtteri BOTTASMercedes1:05.445
5Yuki TSUNODAAlpha Tauri1:05.474
6Kimi RÄIKKÖNENAlfa Romeo1:05.586
7Lewis HAMILTONMercedes1:05.709
8Sergio PÉREZRed Bull1:05.726
9Pierre GASLYAlpha Tauri1:05.726
10Lando NORRISMcLaren1:05.880
11Esteban OCONAlpine1:05.980
12Daniel RICCIARDOMcLaren1:06.181
13Lance STROLLAston Martin1:06.203
14Guanyu ZHOUAlpine1:06.414
15Sebastian VETTELAston Martin1:06.444
16Callum ILOTTAlfa Romeo1:06.564
17Mick SCHUMACHERHaas1:06.583
18Roy NISSANYWilliams1:06.683
19Nicholas LATIFIWilliams1:06.978
20Nikita MAZEPINHaas1:07.316

Free Practice 2 Results

1Lewis HAMILTONMercedes1:04.523
2Valtteri BOTTASMercedes1:04.712
3Max VERSTAPPENRed Bull1:04.740
4Lance STROLLAston Martin1:05.139
5Sebastian VETTELAston Martin1:05.268
6Yuki TSUNODAAlpha Tauri1:05.356
7Pierre GASLYAlpha Tauri1:05.379
8Fernando ALONSOAlpine1:05.393
9Lando NORRISMcLaren1:05.466
10Antonio GIOVINAZZIAlfa Romeo1:05.511
11Sergio PÉREZRed Bull1:05.516
12Esteban OCONAlpine1:05.527
13Carlos SAINZFerrari1:05.620
14Kimi RÄIKKÖNENAlfa Romeo1:05.624
15Daniel RICCIARDOMcLaren1:05.698
16Charles LECLERCFerrari1:05.708
17George RUSSELLWilliams1:05.819
18Mick SCHUMACHERHaas1:05.911
19Nicholas LATIFIWilliams1:06.014
20Nikita MAZEPINHaas1:06.173

Free Practice 3 Results

1Max VERSTAPPENRed Bull1:04.591
2Valtteri BOTTASMercedes1:05.129
3Lewis HAMILTONMercedes1:05.277
4Pierre GASLYAlpha Tauri1:05.280
5Antonio GIOVINAZZIAlfa Romeo1:05.345
6Carlos SAINZFerrari1:05.347
7Sergio PÉREZRed Bull1:05.396
8Fernando ALONSOAlpine1:05.434
9Charles LECLERCFerrari1:05.484
10Sebastian VETTELAston Martin1:05.542
11Lance STROLLAston Martin1:05.546
12Yuki TSUNODAAlpha Tauri1:05.561
13Esteban OCONAlpine1:05.674
14George RUSSELLWilliams1:05.694
15Lando NORRISMcLaren1:05.700
16Daniel RICCIARDOMcLaren1:05.725
17Kimi RÄIKKÖNENAlfa Romeo1:05.747
18Mick SCHUMACHERHaas1:06.078
19Nicholas LATIFIWilliams1:06.105
20Nikita MAZEPINHaas1:06.289

Qualification Results

1Max VERSTAPPENRed Bull1:03.720
2Lando NORRISMcLaren1:03.768
3Sergio PÉREZRed Bull1:03.990
4Lewis HAMILTONMercedes1:04.014
5Valtteri BOTTASMercedes1:04.049
6Pierre GASLYAlpha Tauri1:04.107
7Yuki TSUNODAAlpha Tauri1:04.273
8Sebastian VETTELAston Martin1:04.570
9George RUSSELLWilliams1:04.591
10Lance STROLLAston Martin1:04.618
11Carlos SAINZFerrari1:04.559
12Charles LECLERCFerrari1:04.600
13Daniel RICCIARDOMcLaren1:04.719
14Fernando ALONSOAlpine1:04.856
15Antonio GIOVINAZZIAlfa Romeo1:05.083
16Kimi RÄIKKÖNENAlfa Romeo1:05.009
17Esteban OCONAlpine1:05.051
18Nicholas LATIFIWilliams1:05.195
19Mick SCHUMACHERHaas1:05.427
20Nikita MAZEPINHaas1:05.951

Race Results

2Valtteri BOTTASMercedes17.973
3Lando NORRISMcLaren20.019
4Lewis HAMILTONMercedes46.452
5Carlos SAINZFerrari57.144
6Sergio PÉREZRed Bull57.915
7Daniel RICCIARDOMcLaren60.395
8Charles LECLERCFerrari61.195
9Pierre GASLYAlpha Tauri61.844
10Fernando ALONSOAlpine1L
11George RUSSELLWilliams1L
12Yuki TSUNODAAlpha Tauri1L
13Lance STROLLAston Martin1L
14Antonio GIOVINAZZIAlfa Romeo1L
15Nicholas LATIFIWilliams1L
16Kimi RÄIKKÖNENAlfa Romeo1L
17Sebastian VETTELAston MartinDNF
19Nikita MAZEPINHaas2L
20Esteban OCONAlpineDNF