WRC 5 - First gameplay video

Alex Franchini
VW Polo @ Portugal.
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  2. budlix
    this I call CRAP!
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  3. Appie Kuipers
    Appie Kuipers
    Looks not bad!
  4. Andy_J
    not a patch on dirt rally
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  5. KennyBarroz
    oh my god....
    what is this? even in beta? come on?
  6. Schwud Nelsh
    Schwud Nelsh
    looks like it's running in slow motion WTF!!!
  7. wr41th
    dave you right very slow, plus roads look too wide to me old school sega rally.. to be honest i would like to see codemasters make a wrc title, since wrc had talks with CM and codemasters did not rule it out, maybe next year we could see codemasters start to make a WRC title.
  8. airutonpurosuto8912
    Any difference between this and WRC 4?
  9. budlix
    airutonpurosuto8912: One year of spending money from previous project? :)
  10. beyondtool
    I had fun with WRC3 on my xbox 360, but in 2015 they have to bring a whole lot to the table now that they have real competition. It seems incredulous to me that Codies are whipping them in the graphics department with the 7year old EGO graphics engine.
  11. Tobbe Bergman
    Tobbe Bergman
    Highway Rally !

    Utter crap !
  12. snyperal
    I agree, it looks dated and poor.
  13. thrive
    Looks great!
    However no cockpit / in car view...?
    Would be a shame was implemented very
    well in wrc3 and 4.

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