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What Would Formula 1 At Donington Park Look Like - Assetto Corsa

RearView Racing
Back in 2008, Bernie Ecclestone announced that Donington Park would hold the British Grand Prix from 2010 in a 17-year deal, having been hosted exclusively by Silverstone since 1987. This deal however fell through and for now Silverstone hosts the British GP. Using Assetto Corsa and the excellent Formula Hybrid 2019 Mod from RSS lets see what it could of looked like.
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  2. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    Nice vid :) In case people are curious, the layout you are using was not the proposed layout for the GP. It was going to turn right at more of less where the chicane was, run down the hill, and then back up to the finish straight. The developers dug up the Melbourne hairpin (for the new pit complex) and the last time I was there (years ago) it was a muddy swamp! The company went under and the new owners had to sort the mess that was made. Glad it’s gradually making it's way back to 100%
  3. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    I'm not aware if anyone did a mod (or rough mod) of the proposed layout. My biggest sadness was the loss of the brilliant pub at the first corner. Removed to make way for the new paddock (which never happened) :(

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