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TT Isle of Man: Follow The Leader - No HUD Lap - 4K Replay

Well you have to run race mode to have a replay, figured that out that hard way. Ran this lap last weekend but had issue uploading. I think this is somewhat of a competent lap now - had two clean laps - both being in the 17:30's over the weekend. Time is in the top 40 of the leaderboard. Ughh these laps are so tough on concentration. I know the course now but still 5-10 spots where I blank out for a few seconds. All toward the end. And 100% get timid to not mess up.

Replay could be improved - way more track side cams - but one of my favorite replays in a racing game. Graphics are okay but at speed they look fine. The sense of speed from both on-board and track side is staggering - first 45 seconds especially.

Anyway, long video but if you have the time worth it to sit back and watch. Enjoy.

If your only sticking around for a little while start around 06:00.
  1. Esox71 likes this.
  2. Esox71
    whats your control method dude?
  3. beetesjuice
    Im just using my xbox one pad.

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