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TT Isle of Man - 2 lap IOM TT Race - Honda CBR600RR - 133.903 mph (215.496 kph)

Oscar Hardwick
Lap 1 avg speed - 133.381 mph (214.656 kph) CLEAN
Lap 2 avg speed - 134.437 mph (216.356 kph) 2 FALLS

Race avg speed - 133.903 mph (215.496 kph)

Both laps clock in at under 17 minutes. First lap is clean but with traffic (hardest AI) and the second lap has a couple of falls. First fall is just before Churchtown, I over rode the entry and in a panic to slow up for the slow left in to Churchtown I lost the rear of the bike. Second fall is in the second to last corner and was just a lapse in concentration, didn't get the bike turned over quickly enough.

Second lap was a 16:49.8 roughly. Thats just a bit more than 7 seconds off of my best. Without a fall on a lap where the bike is pushed like it was in the video a time under a 16:20 should be achievable (for me, some aliens go under 16 altogether even on the 600s)
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