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Triple7Racing BTCC Mod

Shaun Clarke
After all the hard work, this is finally ready for release. It brings all the fun and excitement of the BTCC to Assetto Corsa, and paint swapping is mandatory

Our Sincere thanks to ASimmons and SRFL for the basis of this mod for us to work on and bring to AC.

Song - Wicked Game by Ursine Vulpine ft Annaca - Edit by Fordman
  1. Jason Palmer likes this.
  2. Shaun Clarke
    Shaun Clarke
    Public release tomorrow
  3. Jason Palmer
    Jason Palmer
    Ooh, mate really looking forward to trying this mod out, thank you.
  4. Shaun Clarke
    Shaun Clarke
    Me to, it's been a long long process, but I hope you all enjoy it, just waiting for our webmaster to finish his bits...but we are talking minutes :)
  5. Jason Palmer
    Jason Palmer
    That will give me something to look forward to once I finish my night shift then, thanks for the update.
  6. Jason Palmer
    Jason Palmer
    Signed up to the forums and looking forward to joining in the fun with these cars.

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