Tribute to "Le Mans" film 1971

Jose Ortiz
Reiza's Stock Car Extreme with HistorX's Historic GT & Touring Cars and Virtual LM's classic version of the Le Mans track. Three absolutely essential tools for all simracers.
Ideally I would have used CSGT's World Sportscar 1970 mod, which is great but I can't get the AI to behave properly in order to have a sound competition. I'm working on it... [Links below]

In this video you can see a compressed 24h Le Mans race in just under an 1h. With time acceleration set to x25, starting at 4pm and running for about an 1 hour you get a full 1 day cycle in around 13 intense laps with 2 pit stops.

Despite the compressed nature of the video, I believe it is still possible to perceive a few elements of the racing experience portrayed on the extraordinary 1971's film starring Steve McQueen... The sense of speed, sometimes the solitude of the racing driver (in those days), the busy periods when lapping slower drivers... What an extraordinary experience! Both driving and hopefully also watching.

I hope you enjoy and apologies for the excessive drifting on the Ferrari... Too much modern car driving has got my foot a little bit heavy on the throttle with the obvious penalty on these classic beauties.

All the best.

Reiza Studios:
HistorX GT cars mod: http://www.http://notworking.url/en/descargas/viewdownload/97-mods-gsc-2013/1570-historic-gt-touring-cars.html
LeMans Classic (I think this link works and it is the right track):
CSGT's cars mod: http://www.http://notworking.url/en/descargas/viewdownload/97-mods-gsc-2013/1583-world-sportscar-1970.html
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