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Top Mod! Assetto Corsa Feldbergring Talk 'n' Drive (+Download)

Paul Jeffrey
If you like insane quality tracks that make your trousers stain both front and rear, and you play Assetto Corsa, and you like it old school, then this new update to the already epic Feldbergring circuit by Fat-Alfie is probably right up your street...

Some master craftmanship has gone into this mod circuit, and we thought it about time to give it some love here at RD.. so without further ado, here is the Talk 'n' Drive video of one of the finest mod tracks available today!

Download link - https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/feldbergring.21195/

P.s. No idea what happened to my hair during the making of this... needless to say, my stylist will be looking for work with immediate effect.

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