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The Ice Run - Run #2 to the RDRC

Lorenzo Bonder
I was so heated up in the house (well it's summer after all) that I decided to take my butt off my chair (not really) and take a stroll down in the ice and see if I can cool my head off.

Well it worked. More than usual.

Practice run for the upcoming RDRC Season 8. If you feel like signing up for some competitive rallying here is the link, don't need to a Premium member on RD to sign up:

Well to the details then (it's already in the video intro but who cares, I'm here to inform people!):

-- Stage of choice: Sweden (which stage specifically? Can't remember)
-- Car of choice: The SEAT Ibiza Kit Car (marvelous FWD powah)
-- Conditions: Chilly night (aprox. -29º C) with light snow (only if you live in snowy places) and winds (those that will give a chill down your spine)
-- Difficulty to drive: An increasing 8.5/10 (increasing, because try to maintain great visibility while driving in the night with fog and snow blowing at 140+ kph
-- The nuthead case that handled this car: me (Lorenzo Bonder)
-- Cup of hot coccoa taken after the drive: 0
-- Beers? Maybe 1
-- The steering wheel used for this feat? A Logitech G27, plain and simple

And yes! Thanks for watching
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  2. Ross Garland
    Ross Garland
    Good stuff buddy. I'd guestimate you're going about twice as fast as I do on snow stages... ;)
  3. Lorenzo Bonder
    Lorenzo Bonder
    Cheers for the like and you never know. Most of the stages I've run are single make stages with the stock car, so I only made slight changes on the car that makes my turning and stability easier. Braking on these cars are nail biters, too much the brake the car gets loose and much throttle on the curving understeers heavily the car. Snow circuits are going to be the worst for me.
  4. Ross Garland
    Ross Garland
    Yes indeed, worst for me too. I haven't really played with any setups yet, but I probably should before the RDRC starts. Setups have always been my weakest point in any racing sim. Well, setups and my driving... :p
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