The Crew - Homeland

Andy Kettler
A road trip in The Crew Beta. Gameplay route: Detroit - New York - Miami - New Orleans - Dallas - St. Louis - Chicago - Salt Lake City - Las Vegas - San Francisco - Los Angeles.


I had the time to play the beta for only one night, but I really enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for open world games, plus The Crew helped me relive my US coast-to-coast trip I took some years ago. The amount of content and detail in this game is amazing.

Opening is edited over the audio from the trailer to Drive. Other quotes are from Le Mans, Vanishing Point and some music from Knight Rider.

Chromatics - Tick of the Clock
Rämouns - Fun Fun Fun
The Hood Internet - Nightchain (I've mixed it bit with the chorus / ambient)
Wildlife Control - Oakland/Melody

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