The come back of the Jaguar #2

Same condtion as the first one except the aero , 20front 15rear
  1. BattleOvce
    TC turned on, its ok ;-) but cutting the track really? :D 2x cut in every lap
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  2. Nave
    at 0:40 it's a fail as you can imagine and after it's clean , no?
  3. ionONE1
    1:19, 1:55, 2:30
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  4. Nave
    1:19, everyboady do this when i was online i saw everyboady do this, 1:55 and 2:30 it's exactly the same as 0:44 and 1:19, it's the same lap just one is from cockpit, other one is a TV cam^^
  5. ionONE1
    nah nave nobody is cutting, florian here ... this will lead to a dq if you do this in qualy/race
  6. Nave
    Monday when i was online , i saw a lot of people do this oO i had before that big confusion if i were allowed to do this but when i saw other people do this i thought it was ok
  7. Enzo Fazzi
    Enzo Fazzi
    Seeing other people do something doesn't suddenly make it allowed. Just keep 2 wheels on the black stuff.
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  8. Nave
    ok , now i know it's disallowed but i had a confuson cuz the game didn't said "cut detected" but now i will not go on the green in the straight line
  9. Enzo Fazzi
    Enzo Fazzi
    That's not the only cut mate...
  10. BattleOvce
    Leave him alone, he got his lesson :D
  11. Nave
    Haha during my race today i thought about that maybe 5 71laps

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