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That Was Why... - iRacing Production Car Challenge - Phoenix International Raceway

Sharpy Bonfire
iRacing Production Car Challenge MC
2018 Season 4 - Week 9/12
Phoenix International Raceway - 2008 - Road Course

That Was Why... I do not race rookie class races anymore.

#iRacing #ProductionCarChallenge #PhoenixRaceway
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  1. Falk Massmann
    Falk Massmann
    It´s actually not that much better in higher classes, the baseline is for me: this is not a premium service and not worth the money you have to spent on it. I can have that every friggin day on AC public server races. The only difference? I have to pay a shitload more money on iRacing. If I could I would try to get my money back which I have already invested.

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