Testing The New Chassis! - Camberley Kart Club - Practice 4 (04/03/17)

Scott van Breda
First time out in my new chassis (2016 Tony Kart Racer 401)
Got the setup going well in the new chassis, just getting tired near the end so slowed my pace.
(Using GoPro Hero 4 Black)-(1080p, superview, 60fps)
Camberley Kart Club - Practice - 04/03/2017

►Thrustmaster T300RS
►G27 Pedals
►Open Wheeler Stand and Racing Seat

►Intel 5930K CPU
►H100iGTX CPU Cooler
►ASUS X99 DELUXE Motherboard
►Coarsair Vengance LPX 3000MHz DDR4 16GB
►Intel 400GB PCIE SSD
►Coarsair 760T Case
►Coarsair AX1200i
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  2. Winkhaus
  3. Scott van Breda
  4. Patrik Marek
    Patrik Marek
    sim rig and pc specs make this sound like it's a game, and that would be damn realistic looking one :)
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  5. Andrew
    WOW.Amazing . Respect. :)
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  6. Scott van Breda
    Scott van Breda
    haha yeah it would. i just left the info on from my other videos
  7. Scott van Breda
    Scott van Breda
    thank you very much, still plenty more time to be cut
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  8. Alex72
    Cool! Its easy to lose rear traction in the rear on those when steering a bit more? Nice video & nice driving. :)
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  9. Scott van Breda
    Scott van Breda
    thanks, and yes its is quite easy to slide the rear out but since it is one gear corner momentum is very important. i would like to say my driving style tends to be good at keeping the rear in check. however plenty of drivers are loosing time by going sideways.
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