Take one Porsche GT3 Cup Car and mix in three sims !

Jason Palmer
Ok here we go one car, one track and three sims

I decided to take the Porsche GT3 Cup Car for a lap around the infamous Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit using the three different sims this car appears in, Automobilista, Assetto Corsa and iRacing.com

It was more for a bit of fun rather than making any type of judgement call on which version was the best as i just run the car with each sim titles default setup so a direct comparison is a little tricky.

The first lap is via Automobilsta and then we move onto Assetto Corsa for lap two and then we end the final lap on iRacing.com

Have you tried this car on more than one sim and if so what was your preferred choice of sim to race the Porsche Cup Car around.
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  2. Nick Gregory
    Nick Gregory
    I swear I've seen this before...
  3. Jason Palmer
    Jason Palmer
    I put the video together after enjoying a few laps in the Porsche across some of the sims I own and for a bit of fun just to see how one car looks and sounds from a different Developers and then when searching YouTube after posting my video I see there are a good few others who have had similar ideas as well, some are really in depth !

    So you may well of already seen something along this theme if you have been on YouTube recently.

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