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Super GT GT500 2018 Assetto Corsa WIP Preview

Currently working on skins / drivers / pitcrew and BOP to re-create the 2018 Super GT GT500 grid. Using the URD "Nissan GT-R" mod as the performance baseline. Coming soon to RaceDepartment....
  1. ClaudioWRC74
    mod with all car models Honda NSX-GT and Lexus LC 500 ??? I have the Nissan by URD but for others models it's WIP mod
  2. enkay74
    I am using the GT3 version of the Lexus and a NSX-GT mod to create a balanced grid with the URD Nissan. Just working my way through the skins at the moment (4 done so far) and tweaking the BOP between the cars. Hopefully it will turn out ok and be a decent representation of modern GT500 cars...
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  3. Matt Percival
    Matt Percival
    Looking forward to this. One of my favorite series to watch.
  4. enkay74
    Me too! I hope I can do it some justice...
  5. lunamilio
    A complete Super GT mod will really interest me a lot, and it's THE mod that I've been waiting for since the beginning of Assetto.
    I encourage you to continue your work, and I look forward to testing it.
    On the other hand it's a shame not to have the 3D of the three cars. Then I'm not sure that using an URD base is a good idea.
    Moreover, will this mod be paid or free?
  6. enkay74
    It is a shame we don’t have correct 3D models for all of the cars but that isn’t something I can do. I love Super GT and I’ve been waiting for close enough models to make this worth my while. People will need to buy the URD Nissan but the skins and all of the files for the Lexus and Honda will be free. Bit more work on car performance needed and completed 5 skin packs so far....
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  7. lunamilio
    OK. Thank you for that answer. I'm not for mods pay so the use of the Nissan URD annoys me a little, but I understand your approach and I wish you a good result.
  8. enkay74
    If there was a free version of the GT500 believe me I would use it but unfortunately there isn't one and it does give me a good baseline for car performance / lap times in game so it makes sense for me...
  9. RuinerRan
    keen as, great work
  10. enkay74
    Cheers, hopefully not too far away from release...
  11. ClaudioWRC74
    fantastic !!!! I have been waiting for this mod for a long time, I had the MOD URD JT5 Shiro and the HONDA NSX GT 500 pay version just misses the Lexus. I'm looking forward to this complete mod to make personalized career championships
  12. enkay74
    Sounds great! Look forward to using one of your championships with the GT500’s
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  13. ClaudioWRC74
    for championships with the GT500's I found all the tracks that the Motegi, currently being created I believe
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  14. enkay74
    That is good news, hopefully the Motegi version in progress here gets completed as it is one of my favourite tracks!

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