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Super GT GT500 2018 Assetto Corsa WIP Final Preview

V1 of all of the 15 car liveries completed along with all pit crews, driver suits and helmets. Still a bit of work to do on the lexus handling and BOP but all going well and should release on Race Department in November...
  1. The-IC
    Why is the Lexus a GT3 car, and why has the 86 got a rockey bunny bodykit?
  2. enkay74
    There is no current version of the GT500 Lexus available so I am using what 3D model is available to recreate the current cars. Likewise for the 86, it's only one available but actually is not part of the mod, just in the video for the GT300 part of the grid. Feel free not to download it once it's finished if you aren't interested.
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  3. Maplelicious
    you are my hero :D
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  4. enkay74
    Ha ha, cheers! I always wanted someone to try this also
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