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Stock Car Extreme Beta - Potrero de los Funes

Using DRM mod with the rFactor Potrero de los Funes track mod.

Qualified for pole position, but off the line I didn't slip the clutch enough and had a poor start. Then in turn one all hell broke loose, but amazingly I made it through pretty clean. I kept going wide on turns, but finally figured out when to brake. During lap one I"m not sure why the 3rd position car decided to brake, but I had no choice to bump him. Tried my best to catch first place, but screwed up a few times costing me the race. Overall I really like this mod. You can find all these mods at www.racedepartment.com/

This beta is part of the crowd funding Reiza Simracing Bonanza. Currently you can vote on which track to add next and this is one that I'm voting on. The track is very challenging and although this is a pretty good mod, I'd like to see an official remake by the Reiza Team.

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