Spa: Jan van Elderen Porsche 911 RSR Onboard

Gijs van Elderen
Spa Summer Classic 2013
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  2. Lazarou
  3. Gijs van Elderen
    Gijs van Elderen
    It's my father. 65 years and still racing :)
  4. Lazarou
    That's cool Gijs, shame some of his talent did not rub off on you ;). Your family days out in the car must've been fun.

    My 64 year old father is a liability in a Ford Focus.
  5. Gijs van Elderen
    Gijs van Elderen
    I used to race the Belgium Go-Karting championship (15 years ago) Study's and making music got me away from racing. (no regrets: I did some big gigs, and festivals)

    Sim racing got me back :)
    At the moment I'm driving some trackday's. Before I can do races: I need a trailer, a license to drive with a trailer and a racing license. Next year... ^^

    Me and my brother bought a BMW 325i to have some fun on the race track.
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