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Simulation vs Real Life - Senna NSX-R at Suzuka/rFactor 2 Comparison lap

green serpent
How accurate are modern driving simulators? This video takes a quasi-scientific approach to this question by comparing exactly the same virtual car and track to their real life counterparts. Simulators are not real life, but they're getting close, which is why basically all serious racing teams world wide have their drivers practicing using a hardcore simulator such as rFactor pro. The sim being used in this comparison is rFactor 2.

Assists: No assists used/full manual transmission

Track: Susuka West. Track set to 'green' i.e no rubber build up, least amount of grip.

Car: Honda NSX-R. 3.0lt 280hp R tune motor, 5 speed manual JDM ratios, type R torque control diff. 205/15 front tires & 225/16 rear tires (tire wear on). Factory setup. Full Fuel Tank.

Obviously there are many variables that cannot be accounted for such as air temperature, exact track condition, fuel load, etc, but generally speaking I think I've gotten the variables as close to real life as reasonably possible.
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  2. Nick Gregory
    Nick Gregory
    Senna did a one-wheel-peel. You didn't. Totally invalid.
  3. green serpent
    green serpent
    Hahaha. I tried

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