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Simulation vs Real Life - Bathurst Hot Lap 2016 V8 Supercar

green serpent
The official lap record for a V8 Supercar in real life at Mount Panorama is a 2:06.2 (as of 2016). Although the real car has a sequential transmission, I decided to use a H-pattern shifter with clutch for some extra fun and difficulty.
  1. joecronk likes this.
  2. Nick Gregory
    Nick Gregory
    That's the FVR mod isn't it?
  3. joecronk
    where can I join up for some V8 RACING..
  4. green serpent
    green serpent
    Yep it's the FVR mod.

    You can play online for free, but not too much going on in the servers atm unless you want to join a league.

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