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Sim Racing in VR with Oculus Rift - My First Impressions

Jason Palmer
Jason recently got his hands on an Oculus Rift VR headset in the Black Friday sale.

After spending the last week or so trying out sim racing in VR he has put his initial thoughts and impressions of using VR for sim racing in this rather long talk and drive style video blog.

Although the sim used in the video is iRacing he does cover other sim racing titles he has used with his Rift headset.

This is the first time he has recorded VR content so please excuse some of the head movements and the poor audio at times as he was using the inbuilt Rift mic which will be change for the next video.

If you have any help, advice or tips about getting the best out of VR in sim racing please share them in the comments, also if you have any questions or comments about the video please leave them in the comments.

The link to the VR prescription lenses talked about in the video -

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  1. Keith Dixon
    Keith Dixon
    It's a wonderful tech, but it's nowhere near ready, performance and quality are in the toilet, I bought it the same day as you and I've gone back to triples, I'll wait on the next gen and see how things improve
  2. Jason Palmer
    Jason Palmer
    I junked my triples within days of getting my Rift and find the pixel issue slowly fades away once you get used to it, well it has in my case. But I can’t wait for CV2 or 3 to arrive so we can truly see the full potential of VR, but that will need another massive PC upgrade for me !
  3. Keith Dixon
    Keith Dixon
    I'd only just done a massive upgrade, first time I've had triples so that on its own was a huge improvement for me, with the rift it wasn't so much the pixel issue, I could live with that, the performance just wasn't there, everything minimal and the headroom was still really bad, it's certainly the future though, the next gen should be a huge step forward
  4. Keith Dixon
    Keith Dixon
    I think I may have to eat my words, I've sussed how to run my games without steamvr running and performance is much better
    Jason Palmer likes this.
  5. Jason Palmer
    Jason Palmer
    Ok mate now that’s sounds very interesting how did you do that as I would like to see if it could help get RaceRoom running better. Thanks.
  6. Keith Dixon
    Keith Dixon
    I was just in raceroom, solid 90 there as well with around +30 headroom, I'll pm you in a bit
    Jason Palmer likes this.

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