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sim hub "shake it" tactile feedback / bass shaker tutorial for sim racing

tutorial and demonstration on assetto corsa on how set up the sim hub program and the plug in shake it for a fantastic tactile feedback experience! This is applicable to all sims supported by sim hub.

Video on selecting tactile feedback hardware and general set up

Here is the link to download sim hub. Please donate and support the makers of sim hub and racedeprtment.


Shake It Wiki Page: https://github.com/zegreatclan/SimHub/wiki/Shake-It-for-bass-shakers

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Tactile Feedback hardware:
Amp used: (1) Behringer inuke 1000 DSP
Connectors for amp: (2) 2 pole Speak On style, (1) x 1/8" to dual 1/4" stereo
Shakers used: (1) Aura Pro front wheel effect, (1) Buttkicker advance for rear wheel effect.
Game effect output software used: Sim Hub - Shake It Plug in.
Sound card: (1) Factory Reaktek , 2nd sound card not required for VR / USB headset users.

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