SHOCK WINNER! F1 2017 Modded Career Mode Episode 1 (F1 2014 Game)

Welcome to the F1 2017 Modded Career Mode! We start of with an amazing driver taking the first win of the season :O

The Series:
Driving in McLaren (Replacing Vandoorne) Car #23
25% races - done on Grand Prix mode in the game!
AI: Expert.

Credit to Krisdix who made the mod:

And to Cal for giving me the link so I could make the standings tables at the end of the video :)

Intro: Different Heaven: Nezokilla [NCS Release]
Box Cat Games "Epic Song" (Taken from FreeMusicArchive)
Alan Walker - "Spectre" [NCS Release]

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  1. allflattious
    Hey everyone so I just thought I'd share this with you :) It's my Youtube series using the F1 2017 Mod made by Krisdix for the F1 2014 game. If want to watch it feel free, and if you like my content you can subscribe and all that Jazz :) Cheers, Nick (Allflattious)

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