Schumacher's 2006 F248 Ferrari At Spa Francochamps

Assetto Corsa, a lap of Spa Francochamps in Schumacher's 2006 F248 Ferrari.No assists, optimum track conditions, Please do check out my sim racing hardware reviews @

Lap driven whilst wearing an Oculus Rift DK2.

G27 with SSH 3D printed Shifter and three pedals fitted with GTEYE springs.

Link to Ferrari F248 (Beta) release
  1. Tsfc
    This looks great. I bought an oculus rift dk2 yesterday. Incredible deal on an unused unit from an impulse buyer (250usd). Keep these cool videos coming bru!
  2. AussieStig
    Cheers mate, if you need any tips or help with your DK2. Hit me up here. Cheers AussieStig

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