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RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 - 20 laps race @ Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal Canada

Best viewed at 1080p60!

20 laps final race
No assists
AI 100% strength, 100% aggression
Livery design by @formulaHEINE
  1. formulaHEINE likes this.
  2. felan
    nice race...which version of the circuit are you using?
    fvdheide1963 likes this.
  3. fvdheide1963
    Thanks .. honestly I don't really know where i got this version from .. i had it on my system since last year's race .. if you want I can zip it and share it with you .. just let me know if you want it
  4. felan
    would be great if you would do so:)
  5. fvdheide1963
  6. felan
    thx a lot:)!

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