Road Trip - South Border to Tahoe Lake & Forest Part 1 - Timelapse - The Crew Wild Run [4K]

Beautiful vistas and scenery and great music. Together they are the perfect relaxation for any car enthusiast. Driving the Ford Mustang Fastback 2015 edition. A really fun car, worthy of a long road trip. More details below...

▼The Ford Mustang is a really good car to make road trips in. It handles very well, does not have so much power that you feel like pressing the pedal will get the cops on your tail, and looks just awesome in pictures.
I am using a steering wheel now and not the controller. So sit back, relax and enjoy the trip!

▼The Crew is a massive multiplayer racing game. You can spend hours on it just driving around the map and enjoying everything it has to offer. Beautiful vistas, long stretches of road, snow, mountains, rain and the beach.

▼Hope you guys enjoy the video and leave me your feedback in the comment section.

▼Find me on:
Twitch: ExcyTe_Gaming
Origin: ExcyTeGaming
Uplay: ExcyTeGaming
Steam: xcytex
Xbox: ExcyTeGaming

▼Music Tracks (in order):
Kickin' Up Dust 1 - Joachim Nilsson
Make It All - Johan Glossner
Dark Green Lines - Sebastian Forslund

▼Sound Effects by

▼Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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