Road Trip | Santa Fe to Ivory Springs | Time Lapse | The Crew CAU | [4K]

Beautiful vistas and scenery and great music. Together they are the perfect relaxation for any car enthusiast. Driving the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Perf. today. And it only broke down once! More details below...

▼ Alfa's are world renowned for their beautiful design. And also notorious for their tendency to break down. Well the game seems to have respected this trend, and the car, which is a joy to drive, had some electrical problems near the end of the road trip and the headlights would not turn on. Using a hammer seemed to have helped.

▼ I am using a G29 steering wheel with Hardcore settings and manual clutch, so if you might spot me miss a gear shift every now and then. So sit back, relax and enjoy the time lapse!

▼ Road Trip Pictures / Album:

▼ Music Tracks (in order):
Down For The Long Run (Cospe Remix) - Da Tooby
AnnaLee (Cospe Remix) - Aldenmark Niklasson
Forever Young - Ramin
Worth The Trouble (Cospe Remix) - Martin Hall


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▼ The Crew is a massive multiplayer racing game. You can spend hours on it just driving around the map and enjoying everything it has to offer. Beautiful vistas, long stretches of road, snow, mountains, rain and the beach.

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▼ Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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