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RlyR V8 Australicars - Round 1 - Hidden Valley

The opening round of the Really Rubbish Racing V8 Australicars season from the Hidden Valley Motorsports Complex in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

Holden take on Ford in this classic head-to-head Down Under. 4 door, rear wheel drive family saloons with almost 600 bhp ripping from 7 litre, V8 engines, topped off with slick Hankook tyres and aerodynamic wings.

Club website: http://reallyrubbishracing.co.uk
Series web page: http://reallyrubbishracing.co.uk/index.php?title=V8_Australicars
Race web page: http://reallyrubbishracing.co.uk/index.php?title=V8_Australicars_First_Port_of_Call

- Commentary from Tom Brooks - http://tombrooks.weebly.com/
and Nikolas Gouloumis of IndyRacingFan - http://indyracingfan.wordpress.com/

- Direction, camerawork and video editing by Alex Odell - http://www.ajokay.co.uk/
- On-Screen graphics by Pete Walker
- Music by Adam Smith of Screen Daze - https://twitter.com/screendaze
- Audio Editing by Tom Brooks
- Animation by Joff Altan - http://www.joffaltan.co.uk
With April Dillon, April Dillon and 10 others people.
  1. James Price-Harper
    James Price-Harper
    I've not had time to watch it yet but i'm going to make an assumption that it is worth a like on this delightful page.
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