rFactor2 - Simtek World Series GT3 Mod / Bentley GT3 - Mid Ohio

Jason Palmer
Simtek has just released his long awaited GT3 mod for rFactor 2 and i have taken the Bentley out for a 15 minute race around Mid Ohio against the 5 other GT3 cars included in this mod.

I really enjoyed checking out this mod as i have been watching its progress via his Facebook page and could see how much attention to detail he was putting into.

All the cars look great and the cockpit position in the Bentley was spot on. He has got the sound of the big V8 in this car nailed and it sounded great with the volume cranked right up.

I drove the car with both ABS and TC on as the GT3 cars use them in real life, but its still a challenge to get the most out of them and its very rewarding as they can still bite at the limit.

I had the AI set 101% and they put up a good fight even coming back at me under braking if a i was a little shy in the heavy braking zones !

You can grab this mod in two ways either from Steam via the RF2 workshop or direct from his website - http://www.rf2.simtek.pt/

If you wish to follow the progress of this and other mods he is working on please check out his Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/simtekmods/

This mod is free and is well worth downloading and racing around your favorite tracks in RF2.
  1. paul carter
    paul carter
    A very nice mod.

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