rFactor2 - RD Club GT-Multiclass @ Nordschleife

RaceDepartment Club Race 6L GT-Multiclass [GT1-4] @ Nordschleife 24h Layout

Long time since my last rFactor2 Race but i just love this track. Gave the Megane Trophy a couple laps over the week and felt pretty good with it, but when it was Qualitime i recognized i`ll be the only one in that class and switched into the Camaro GT3 as i know these cars very well. Was been a bit harder than expected to get a good feeling within the 60min. Quali Session but i did found a good neutral setting to keep it on track. I was a bit of the pace others could reach in GT2/GT3 but anyways, was an nice experience going out on this track in this game, loved it!
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