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rFactor2 - Formula 1 Turbo Madness @ Brands Hatch in VR

Hello there!

I´m learning how to setup quick races and championships in rFactor2 between multiple classes and specific cars/skins/drivers. It´s not as easy as on Assetto Corsa, but also preety doable. Just drop a comment below if youre having trouble with it and ill sure help you out.
For this first try out, i decided to take my favorite era of F1 cars for a quick race at Brands Hatch. Im driving the Benneton B186 against a field other 86 cars (Brabham, Ferrari and other Benneton), an 87 Lotus, and some 88 cars (McLaren, Williams, Ferrari, Benneton). I´ll leave the links for the mods in the description. Thanks for watching!!


Tou mexendo e aprendendo a bolar corridas rápidas e campeonatos entre classes e carros específicos no rFactor2. Não é tão fácil como no Assetto Corsa, mas também não é impossível hehe. Se tu tens alguma dificuldade nisso deixa uma comentário que posso te ajudar!!
Pra essa primeira tentativa resolvi pegar uns carros da minha época preferida da F1 em Brands Hatch. Estou pilotando a Benneton B186, contra outros carros de 86 (Brabham, Benneton e Ferrari), Lotus 99T de 87 e alguns carros de 1988 (McLaren, Williams, Benneton e Ferrari). Vou deixar os links para os mods na descrição! Obrigado pela atenção!!

Link for track : http://www.mediafire.com/file/bc20r88rtr7t8c6/RF2brandsACdx78.rar

Link for 1986 cars : https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php?threads/f1-1986.58542/

Link for the Lotus 99T : www.asrformula.com

Link for the 1988 cars : https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php?threads/formula-1-1988-released.53238/

PC Specs:

Intel Core i7 8700k @ 5.0gHz
Asus Tuf-gaming pro z370
Evga Gtx1080ti SC Black Edition
16gb Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz Ddr4 ram
Oculus Rift
Thrustmaster T500rs wheel
Thrustmaster T3pa-pro pedals
Thrustmaster Th8a shifter

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