rFactor2 - DX11 - URD/Enduracers Skin Pack @ Le Grand Circuit VR(DK2)

Back to the Future part 2

One of the great things about an open platform like rFactor 2, is that modders will always come up with something unintended.
In this case, I'm using the URD skin pack for Endurance Series.

This uses the rFactor 2 virtual rides system, with custom classes to combine the URD EGT/PX mods with the Enduracers mod, as well as adding around 150 skins.
By selecting the appropriate class in the session set up menu, you can effectively achieve something very close to a WEC grid.

The Track is the astonishing Le Grand Circuit by Woochoo. Still a wip and very much a beta release, the atmosphere already present and the attention to detail is incredible. A work of art !

Here is 10 laps against the AI, racing from early hours into sunrise with 5x time scale applied.

I'm using the Aston martin.

United Racing Design

Le Grand Circuit 1967 (v0.5 wip)

URD to ES v2

Spotter is Crew Chief 4.6

Real Head Motion Plugin

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