rFactor2 - DX11 - S397 GT3 Pack @ Sepang - VR(DK2)

The GT3 Power pack by S397, released on the 17th October 2017.

There are 5 cars consisting of:

McLaren 650S GT3
Bentley Continental GT3
Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R
Mercedes AMG GT3
Radical RXC Turbo GT3

Available for purchase here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/365960/

Further information on the pack and cars can be found here:

A fantastic addition to rFactor 2, with all the cars of a similar high standard and the physics and FFB associated with this title.

I chose the Mercedes AMG GT3 for this 10 lap race against the AI at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia.

Spotter is Crew Chief 4.8
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  2. paul carter
  3. TheMattyOnline
    Thanks very much. A great pack.from S397. Absolute bargain for the pack.
  4. paul carter
    paul carter
    I bought the pack..(after I purchased the 650 on its own..) really like the radical .. only issue I have is I run triples an using multi view even with low or no post processing.. I suffer stutter .. either have to upgrade my rig .. or look at the new rift.. tried the old DK1 an had headaches quite bad..loved your video .. the spotter is awesome.. calls your name ..
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  5. TheMattyOnline
    Yes, still don't use half the features of the spotter. You can interact with it with voice commands for loads of things, like tire pressures and who's fastest etc.
    Regarding performance, I would wait for a bit. Still lots of optimisations to come I think in the DX11 branch and also VR.

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