rFactor2 - DX11 - McLaren 650S GT3 @ Sao Paulo - VR(DK2)

The first DLC from S397 - The McLaren 650S GT3 2017

Part of a new GT3 pack coming in September, the McLaren is available now as part of the Worlds Fastest Gamer competition.

A top quality release from S397, producing an amazingly detailed model, backed up with the usual rFactor 2 physics and force feedback. Developed closely with McLaren, the car is nimble and very driveable in the default setup.

The track is S397 updated Sao Paulo 2013 (Interlagos) and looks great in the DX11 engine.

A quick 10 lap sprint race against the usual tough rFactor 2 AI !

McLaren 650S GT3 2017

Sao Paulo 2013

Spotter is Crew Chief 4.7

Real Head Motion Plugin
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  2. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    Nice video matey. Not quite visually pretty as Assetto Corsa but there really isn't much in it now. Great job by Studio 397.
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  3. Francis Clark
    Francis Clark
    Great video
    How do you stop the Ai vehicles from popping in and out
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  4. TheMattyOnline
    Thanks Francis.
    When you say pop in and out, do you mean when they defend?
  5. Francis Clark
    Francis Clark
    no just flashing in and out
  6. TheMattyOnline
    I can't say I've ever noticed them doing that. Is it possibly where you have the number of visible vehicles set too low? So say you have a grid of 30 but have visible vehicles at 15. That would cause them to appear and disappear.
  7. Francis Clark
    Francis Clark
    ok thanks i think you are right
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